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September 9, 2012

An American Feeling Vaguely British in Beijing

I can pick out at least four different silk print patterns that are distinctly Chinese in the calico Union Jack above… ah globalization, I loveth thee! I think I’m feeling a wee bit of reverse-reverse culture shock coming back to China after being in the UK for the past month. It was nice to be [...]

August 21, 2012

Mo-rning the end of the London Olympics…

I’ve had an amazing time at the London 2012 Olympics, and definitely caught that lovely plague commonly known as Olympics-fever And one of the symptoms of this disease is obsession with all things punny and sports-hero based. Hence my new favorite tumblr: Mo Farah Running Away – All of the photos are awesome, but [...]

July 26, 2012

a random bit of funny: Disney’s moral lessons

What Disney Princesses Teach Girls – Boing Boing

May 28, 2012

Geeking out for the Mandarin Star competition :)

(and the youtube version for those of you who can hop the wall — or already live on the other side of it!)

March 5, 2012

IHBJ: Hawaiian Chickens

February 15, 2012

Laptop Fail on the Nightly News

Before the WAB career day this afternoon, I squeezed in a guest appearance on a news show to discuss the wealth gap in modern economies (an issue that China is struggling to deal with before bigger problems appear). It was the first time I’ve been allowed to discuss in depth the Occupy Wall Street movement. [...]

December 12, 2011

IHBJ: The Joy of Biking

(starring Ines Brunn)

November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween from Beijing! :) 祝你万圣节快了!

Just finished celebrating Halloween in style with some of my favorite people (Xiao Hui, Julie, Ted and Carl) with an impromptu pizza party and a crazy assortment of sugary treats. I live in a diplomatic compound, and this was my first year being “at home” on Halloween night, and was totally amazed by the numbers [...]

October 17, 2011

The Beijinger 10th Anniversary Party

Saturday afternoon/evening was devoted to MCing the The Beijinger’s 10th Anniversary party at the Sanlitun SOHO. And while this was not the craziest of the The Beijinger parties that I have hosted, it was definitely incredibly fun. It helped that my co-host Freddy challenged me to a dance off (which, as you can tell from [...]

September 27, 2011

Coolest Nails in the WORLD 世界最酷的指甲

(ok, perhaps that was a slight exaggeration but… they certainly feel pretty cool) After the ridiculously fun press event yesterday (I say ridiculously fun because we also did some improv games with the press and theater folks, so it was very different from the typically boring Chinese style press events), we stopped off at the [...]