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September 27, 2011

Cheeky Monkey Improvving for the 风马牛戏剧节 Press Event

As our lead Chinese actor has a day job (hey now, this is a “grass roots” theater festival, we can’t afford to poach him just yet!) and almost all of the good scenes involve him, we couldn’t do a scene from Iron Brothers for the Fengmaniu Theater Festival press event. Instead… we pulled out some [...]

September 19, 2011

IHBJ: Elephant Alcoholism

September 16, 2011

Red Room blog post: Chinese Vampires – part mosquito part zombie, all beautifully wacky.

Like most other teenage girls, I went through a goth phase as a natural blonde the black hair dye brought out my pallid skin to an even more tepid white. And sure, I read every Christopher Pike, Anne Rice and assorted vampire book available. Every book available. But never did I come across the wacky [...]


Hand Made in China (BON TV): Shadow Puppets!

In this unique episode of Hand-Made in China, guest host Elyse Ribbons takes on Zhang Wei’s challenge to learn how to create and perform a theatrical show using the ancient Chinese art form of shadow puppetry! Watch from beginning to end as they learn how to make their own shadow puppets and take the opportunity [...]

July 18, 2011

IHBJ: Vasectomies

June 7, 2011

My NYC Standup Debut! 第一次的幽默接触 ;)

During my trip to the States last month, I gave myself a little treat at the end and booked a week in New York City. This is a treat because while I normally stop in for a few rushed days of meetings, dinners with friends and a show or two, I’ve never really set aside [...]

June 6, 2011

Wang Fu Jing (the play, not the street)

As you all may know, I have a special place in my heart for The Egg (aka: National Center for Performing Arts) and have already worked on a couple of different projects there. The most ridiculous/fun/exhausting/educational of which was Carmen (the show gets better every year!). However, recently I was over there representing Cheeky Monkey [...]

May 15, 2011

Eep, I’m in America! (Where internet access is expensive!)

(so my posts will be few and far between during my time in the Beautiful Kingdom, as the interwebs are not terribly convenient to access — funny coming from someone who normally gets online from behind the great firewall, hehe)

April 18, 2011

IHBJ: Cornered Blonde

April 15, 2011

Introducing the Laowai Stars of 《无忧之城》

From left to right: Elyse, Jimi, Ted, and Ira Don’t be taken in by our lackadaisical air and smiling faces. We may look fun and happy and whatnot, but really we are killer spies working for evil aliens that want to steal magical Chinese artifacts from innocent Buddhist monks. (and now for a normal picture)