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December 3, 2010

Penguin Literary Lunch – Paul French on “Man’s Fate”

After my intensive week of filming, dancing, interviewing, rehearsing, reading, hosting, and everything… I decided I deserved a little treat and for my Friday lunch (I don’t get weekends off, just Friday lunch and Monday afternoon, yippee) and went over to The Bookworm for the last of their Penguin Literary Lunch series. And while I [...]

June 24, 2010

Under Heaven: book talk at The Bookworm

Last night Ted and I went to a book talk at The Bookworm and I have to admit that I walked in a completely blank slate (please, don’t let the blond hair fool you, I’m a giant bookworm) and was blown away by the (admittedly mostly Canadian – at least, as far as their accents [...]

April 22, 2008

BJ Book Club Update

general book club blog random blog (w/ links) entry about Pearl S Buck and if anyone has any recommendations for good May holiday reads… please make a comment at the blog entry here: May Holidaze

February 17, 2008

Beijing Book Club: Mr Muo’s Traveling Couch

Freudian Slips and Foot Fetishes Hi Everyone! I hope that the insane fireworks have scared off all of the bad spirits for the year and leave us all with lots of good luck. The next book club meeting with be on Feb 21st (next Thursday night) at The Bookworm (6586-9507) at 7pm. We’ve pre-ordered extra [...]