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December 1, 2011

ChocoJing Cooking Class at The Hutong

Happy December fellow ChocoJingers! I’m excited to announce our first ever ChocoJing cooking class, we’re working with the fantastic chef Sue at The Hutong to bring about some early holiday cheer with an amazing menu of Chili Hot Chocolate, Chocolate and Orange Duck, and Banana/Chocolate Dumplings Sounds delish, non? Please RSVP with The Hutong directly [...]

May 11, 2011

On Being Godiva’d (at George’s, hehe) 歌帝梵巧克力聚会

The latest of my ChocoJing adventures has led my taste buds to extreme levels of happiness. Not only because Godiva is one of my favorite brands of chocolate (plus they have a sexy logo!) but also because George’s is a great bar and George (the bartender) makes the most *delicious* white chocolate martinis! Yum! A [...]

May 8, 2011

Going Godiva at George’s on Monday

Happy May Fellow ChocoJingers: We’ve got an exciting ChocoJing event planned for this Monday (tomorrow!) at 7:30pm at George’s inside the Worker’s Stadium. Since it looks like it might be raining tomorrow, we’ve decided to hold the event inside the cozy and sophisticated lounge of George’s (see address and phone number below). And… the exciting [...]

February 6, 2011

China Daily: Elyse’s American Dream in China

Don’t Call Me Laowai: Elyse’s American Dream in China – China Daily by Berta Tilmataite It’s been 8 years Elyse lives in Beijing. Now she started to study Peking Opera at the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts and is the only one westerner studying there. Elyse came to China unexpectedly and fell in [...]

December 27, 2010

Year-end meet-up for chocolate aficionados: Beijing Today

Beijing Today By Liang Meilan Chocolate has traditionally been a cold-weather confectionary, so what better time than now for a cocoa-themed gathering? ChocoJing, a chocolate appreciation society initiated by Elyse Ribbons in 2007, is hosting a meet-up next Sunday, December 26, at the grand opening of CC Sweet, a new pastry shop in town. The [...]

November 28, 2010

ChocoJing Does Dinner at Flamme 巧克京吃巧克力的晚餐

ChocoJing woke up from a looooong nap and we’ve finally organized another event (thanks to the ever wonderful Badr!), a chocolate-inspired dinner at Flamme in the Sanlitun Village complex. The usual suspects showed up (as seen in the photos above) as well as a couple new folks, and we all had a fantastic time dining [...]

March 16, 2010


上个星期巧克京举办了一个特殊的活动:ChocoJinging our very own Chocolate Truffles。这次活动是我们第一次不仅动口吃巧克力,也动手做巧克力! 平时活动品尝别人手做出来的巧克力满好吃,对吧?但是亲自动手自己做出来的,那味道从嘴里到心里别提有多甜美了!当然最好玩的还是一边做一边从自己手上舔起来吃巧克力,哈哈哈…..羡慕吗? 这次有很多是我们巧克京的老会员,一直坚持不懈的参加我们的活动,当然也还有一部分新会员参加,希望下次活动的时候他们也可以成为老会员了呵呵呵…… 大家一边吃巧克力,一边愉快的聊天认识来自各国各行的新朋友朋友。这样过一个寒冷的夜晚也不错 其实做松露并不是很难。如果你要出去买一合那可是超级贵了。当然再贵也不如自己亲自动手做的好吃,美在脸上甜在心里~~ 如果你有机会,一定要去The Fig Tree试试学习怎么做西餐甜点。中国菜漂亮美味超级好吃,但是甜点还不如西方的那么那么好吃。 看来中国的大厨师们需要努力学习,需要一个厨神创造一种新的中式甜点的类型?呵呵呵…..。 左边的美女是第一次参加巧克京活动的新会员,我觉得她看起来很满意,你们觉得吗?:) 她也是在《十分戏剧节》参加演出的演员之一。 如果你们看过《十分戏剧节》节目的话一定会记得,就是《绿色女孩》的老看书的角色。我很开心可以把玩皮猴子戏剧社与巧克京融合起来。一举两得(今天学的新成语,哈哈)! ~ 柳素英 ( Elyse )


Truffled up in Love (and Chocolate, of course!)

Last week, the first ChocoJing of the Year of the Tiger started out with a very happy purr indeed, as we gathered around the beautifully immaculate kitchen at The Fig Tree for our first class in truffle-making. As I’d had to trek halfway across the city from the Huatuo offices way out in Haidian (deceptively [...]

March 2, 2010

ChocoJinging our very own Chocolate Truffles!

This month, ChocoJing is very happy to bring in the Year of the Tiger with an evening of chocolate-making that will leave you giddy (from both the truffles and the chocolate liquors, hehe). And, as per usual, there is a limit to the number of participants, 20 at the most, so please RSVP to reserve [...]

February 10, 2010

Meet new people: Time Out Beijing suggests ChocoJing

Time Out Beijing – February 2010 FOR GOURMANDS ChocoJing ChocoJing is the brainchild of one Miss Elyse Ribbons. It’s basically a monthly/ bimonthly meet-up for chocolate fanatics. Open to anyone on a first-come, first-served basis, a different venue is chosen each time, with activities ranging from hot chocolate tastings and three-course chocolate dinners, to chocolate [...]