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December 23, 2009

ChocoJingle Bells and Awfully Chocolate Cake

Last night was a truly superb ChocoJing event, definitely one of our best yet. Thanks to the wonderful chefs and wait staff at Cafe Europa, we ate a fantastic meal of salad and pasta, leaving only just enough room for the Christmas Yule Log cake provided by Awfully Chocolate. Both beautiful and delicious. However, like [...]

December 16, 2009

ChocoJing Does Christmas Cake (and Dinner!)

Dear ChocoJingers, To celebrate the holidays with style, ChocoJing is organizing an event in collaboration with Cafe Europa and Awfully Chocolate. There will be a three course meal served, salad, pasta and of course, a fantastically chocolate dessert. The christmas log cake tradition is a fun and wacky reminder of the origins of the holiday [...]

December 3, 2009

ChocoJing Did Chocolat Chaud (tudou vid) ;)

Hello-Hello Fellow ChocoJingers! For those of you who couldn’t make it, we had a *fantastic* event on Monday night. It was so fantastic, in fact, that I’m going to try to organize another one before the end of the month (suggestions are welcome!) And, for your viewing pleasure, check out the random/wacky video I put [...]

December 1, 2009

Chocolate Fiends – post-ChocoJing snapshot

I had a *great* time at the ChocoJing event last night, soooo much chocolate, so little time. A group of fellow chocolate addicts made the event even better, the mantra of the night was “Chocolate first, dinner second” And wow, I would never have thought to try some of those flavors of hot chocolate that [...]

November 26, 2009

ChocoJing Does Chocolat Chaud

喜欢巧克力爱好者: 这是2009年最后一次巧克京聚会,寒冷的冬季也挡不住美味的诱惑。这次活动任然以品尝世界各地美味巧克力为主,包括大家最喜欢的法国巧克力、热可可等巧克力各种制作方法现场观看。 如果你也是巧克力的爱好者,那就赶快加入我们的队伍吧!(需提前预约)发送邮件至 请写清楚你的姓名、电话和参加人数 时间:11月30号(星期一)晚上6:30 . . . 费用:50元 Hello-Hello Fellow ChocoJingers! This Monday, November 30th @ 6:30pm ChocoJing is going to jump in to the winter season with flair by enjoying a tasting of Comptoirs de France’s famous Hot Chocolates. Chocolat Chaud for those francophiles amongst you. While the recipe will remain a secret, [...]

November 24, 2009

we love china :: interviews with expats

Here’s an interview that I recently did with “We Love China” a blog that focuses on long-term Expats and the fun, wacky and interesting things that they’re doing here in the Middle Kingdom. The only negative is that its a blogspot blog, which is blocked behind the Great Firewall, so its an issue to get [...]

November 15, 2009

Better Than Sex (on ChocoJing)

. Of all the complaints launched against Beijing by my female friends, the only thing that comes up as often as the lack of acceptable men is the lack of good chocolate. So noble a confection, more than mere nectar or ambrosia, the true food of the gods has somehow been relegated in China to [...]

February 20, 2009

ChocoJing Does Visage Chocolates

Hello Fellow Choco-fiends! To celebrate the on-coming of Spring (well, the snow *did* melt, right?) ChocoJing has organized one of the best events so far… This month, ChocoJing is proud to partner with Face Bar’s chocolatier, Visage Chocolates, to coordinate a fabulous wine and chocolate pairing. Chocolates are hand made with imported chocolate and will [...]

November 30, 2008

ChocoJing’s Chocolate Christmas Dinner

On December 19th, ChocoJing is going to celebrate Christmas with a sumptuous dinner at the Beijing Renaissance Capital Hotel (in Fulicheng) where each dish is paired with a specific chocolate. And of course, afterwards, the fantastic chocolate fountain will be there for us to devour (again) At 188rmb, the dinner is a great deal, but [...]

November 24, 2008

video – ChocoJing Does Gourmet Chocolate

Here is a short video taken at the last ChocoJing event on Nov 18th at the Beijing Renaissance Hotel’s gourmet deli. (Yum!) Even re-watching the video now has me drooling… and yes, that is Yuki singing in the background, the song of course is “Chocolate Boy” haha. Ok, enjoy the video…