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February 13, 2009

Who couldn’t use a little romance in their life?

本文作者: ELYSE RIBBONS 21st Century Feb 11, 2009 Spelling Love with Candy Hearts Valentine’s Day is celebrated differently everywhere, though it has now become a bit of a global holiday. The story behind this “Western” holiday is hardly as interesting as the story of the Cow Herder and the Weaving Maiden that makes up the [...]

January 21, 2009

Keep yourself motivated in your reading

published in 21st Century on January 21st, 2009 by Elyse Ribbons Keep yourself motivated in your reading EVERYONE needs a break, and vacations are not meant for serious study. Instead, they’re a great way to take a break and enjoy a good book. Spring Festival is coming up so this is the perfect time to [...]

January 19, 2009

我的《二十一世纪英文报》(21st Century)的英文栏目

我今天过去中国日报的大楼跟我的《二十一世纪英文报》的编辑和朋友见面。我们已经合作了挺长时间但是一直没有好好坐下来聊天。所以,过完新年(元旦)我决定要多一点找时间跟朋友们聊天。 最近北京的交通堵车堵得特别厉害,二环三环像一个很大的停车场!;p 一般我不太愿意费那么多时间去太远的地方,但是今天坐在车里很长时间非常值得 因为不只是跟朋友们坐下来很开心的的聊天,我们也去了附近的老北京饭馆(别忘了在‘饭馆’的后面加一个儿化音,呵呵)吃了一个很丰盛的非常好吃的烤鸭午餐。这些带给我很多的满足和成就感。坐在车里度过那一个多小时的时间都让我觉得时间过的飞快。 我决定要把我给《二十一世纪英文报》写的栏目也放在我的博客上。这样的话,如果我的读者朋友们有什么看不明白的或者搞不清楚的地方可以随时问我 就按次连接:21st Century I thought that I should go ahead and start posting the articles up here on my blog for my own archives as well as to provide a platform for people to ask any questions about the text Just click on the link to get access to all of [...]

December 31, 2008

Learning to laugh out loud at Chinese comedy

21st Century December 31,2008 by Elyse Ribbons There are many things that people immediately think of when asked about the major differences between American and Chinese culture. One of the more difficult differences to grasp is comedy. That’s because a very high language level is required to understand most humor. Cultural background is usually necessary [...]