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December 3, 2010

Penguin Literary Lunch – Paul French on “Man’s Fate”

After my intensive week of filming, dancing, interviewing, rehearsing, reading, hosting, and everything… I decided I deserved a little treat and for my Friday lunch (I don’t get weekends off, just Friday lunch and Monday afternoon, yippee) and went over to The Bookworm for the last of their Penguin Literary Lunch series. And while I [...]

January 7, 2010

Book Review: The Ninth Widow (Mandarin version)

Synopsis by Geling Yan (the author) at (my even more poorly written book review in Chinese, ha) One of my goals after my extended trip to the states in the Fall was to get back into reading… one of the ways I started this was to get a Bookworm membership (at a Greening the [...]

January 6, 2010


最 近我一直在看严歌苓写的一本叫《第九个寡妇》,正好可以锻炼我的中文。希望在2010年我的中文可以提高很多很多…… 看完这本书以后,我个人觉得这本书中描写的“王葡萄”这个人物非常好,但是生活中不可能有这样的人物,有点是想象中的人物。 “王葡萄”是悲剧里面一个特别突出的乐观人物。 其实我对这个年代在中国发生的故事了解的很多,我读大学的时候读了很多关于这方面的英文介绍。我一直觉得那个年代和现在的中国不是大家想的那样没有 关系。在我的办公室挂了一幅关于那个年代《打败美帝国主义》的画,很多中国朋友觉得很好玩,问我为什么挂这幅画,我觉得这幅画可以告诉我,以前的中国人是 怎么看美国人。我现在可以很幸福在中国做我的艺术,是一件多么美好的事情。现在的中国很容易就接受了我这个“美国人”。 但是在书中有些地方比较乱,让人有点雾里看花的感觉,看着看着我突然有点找不着北感觉了哈哈哈哈。书中开始和结尾有点太突然,我觉得突然就开始一段故事,突然就结束了。 我自己觉得用中文写观后感不是特别的说清楚我更多的想法,如果网友们感兴趣的话,可以看一看下面的几个评论 豆瓣版网的书评:第九个寡妇

November 29, 2009

Book Review: Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen

Water for Elephants: a Novel — by Sara Gruen Earlier this weekend, after deciding to skip the incredibly crowded Christmas Bazaar at the German Embassy, I ended up enjoying a fantastic brunch with my 007 at The Opposite House in Sanlitun. Not the best eggs benedict in the city, but overall an incredibly pleasant brunch [...]