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January 15, 2012

LaoWai KanDian Goes to Harbin 老外看点去哈尔滨

My radio show on China Radio International (90.5fm in Beijing) 老外看点 decided to do a special co-show with the Harbin Radio and Harbin Municipal Government folks for the Harbin Ice Festival. Our first time recording the show in front of a live audience but it turned out really brilliantly, it was great to communicate with [...]

December 20, 2009

LWYMG 老外游美国 : 纽约 “一铁路顺风!”

Here’s the latest Laowai You Meiguo (LWYMG) podcast to be edited (yay!). I realize that its taking me *forever* to get them posted, but I’m also currently working on editing like, three other projects so… either way, this is the episode about public transport/trains in New York City… enjoy Original blog post (in Chinese) here: [...]