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October 22, 2012


Earlier this year I was invited onto a CCTV news program to discuss Occupy Wall Street — which I was amused to accept. At the radio station, we had been effectively banned from discussing the movement while it was still happening, but yay, now that it was over and not really topical anymore… it was [...]

October 16, 2012

Check Out My Article in Ms Magazine! :)

After that amazingly weird Phoenix TV show “Tiger Talk” last year where the infamous wife-abuser Li Yang (of Crazy English fame) practically tried to attack me for simply stating that domestic violence is not a Chinese thing, its not an American thing, all cultures have this problem and we need to deal with it in [...]

October 15, 2012


October 1, 2012

Yet Another Random Appearance in Chinese Media for Me

4月11日,王奕謌(左)在北京与来自美国的中国戏曲学院研究生柳素英(Elyse Ribbons)探讨表演技艺。 王奕謌:梨园新锐的京剧梦(组图) Last Spring I was introduced by a fellow artist friend (who does photography/poetry based around zen and lotus blossoms) to the wonderful Wang Yige, who is also my Shi Jie (fellow alum of my Chinese University, NACTA). She also happens to be an incredibly talented danjue peking opera singer who didn’t start [...]

September 9, 2012

An American Feeling Vaguely British in Beijing

I can pick out at least four different silk print patterns that are distinctly Chinese in the calico Union Jack above… ah globalization, I loveth thee! I think I’m feeling a wee bit of reverse-reverse culture shock coming back to China after being in the UK for the past month. It was nice to be [...]

August 21, 2012

Mo-rning the end of the London Olympics…

I’ve had an amazing time at the London 2012 Olympics, and definitely caught that lovely plague commonly known as Olympics-fever And one of the symptoms of this disease is obsession with all things punny and sports-hero based. Hence my new favorite tumblr: Mo Farah Running Away – All of the photos are awesome, but [...]

July 27, 2012

A Longtime Expat reflects on her love for Beijing

A Longtime Expat reflects on her love for Beijing Beijing Today April 20, 2012 By Wu Hao Elyse Ribbons, a radio host at China Radio International, is proud of her Chinese name, Liu Suying. “Su is a middle name meaning simplicity and plainness, related to nature,” she said. “And ying sounds like cherry blossoms but [...]

July 24, 2012

On Serious Newscasting in China

Recently I took the broadcasting newscaster Summer course at the Communications University (传媒大学) in the hopes of improving my Chinese and getting a better grasp of the grooming process for mainland news media personalities. Started the course with bare basics of Mandarin (ie: bo po mo fo) which was all new to me — learning [...]

June 25, 2012

Elyse on CCTV-4 tonight: 文明之旅 talkin bout tea ;)

Tonight on CCTV-4 at 10pm you’ll have the chance to see my sitting uncomfortably on a cold glass stage, pretending to be at ease and enjoying some green tea. Wearing my lovely red Bettie Page dress seemed like a good idea before I found out that we weren’t getting chairs… (sigh) Also, I talk briefly [...]



. 来源:欧文沙龙 发布时间:2011-04-11 17:24:59 一个美国姑娘眼中的中国 本期参与特色嘉宾:柳素英 顽皮猴子戏剧社 创办人 —> 顽皮猴子戏剧社,由美国姑娘柳素英创立,不遗余力地致力于“老外看中国”和“缩短中西文化的差距”;活跃在中国的外国戏剧工作者,把自己的戏剧理念和戏剧实践带到中国,不是为了赚钱,而是为了赚钱之外的可能性—-借助戏剧带给观众的改变或帮助。 顽皮猴子戏剧社拥有来自各个国家的成员—-中国、韩国、希腊、罗马尼亚等。他们陆续用多元的,碰撞后的价值观排演出一台又一台话剧:《我爱北京》、《绿眼睛识黑汉字》、《宫保莎士比亚》、《风险英语》。这些演出不仅能让外国观众开怀大笑,也能让中国观众会心一笑。 除了这些经典剧目外,顽皮猴子开始了每月一次的《即兴表演》的演出。因为跟观众的互动性强,且强调表演的生活化和休闲化,柳素英都会选择不同的剧场来展现不同的主题,后海的某酒吧、798的某艺术画廊都是顽皮猴子即兴演出的场地。 这位美国姑娘在现场的煽动力很强,让我们的会员表演了一些平时不会做的事情,很好玩。