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December 3, 2008

Article: Her green eyes on Beijing

Beijing Today (08/11/28 23:59) By Zhao Hongyi   “Beijing is like your boyfriend. Though he may have some bad habits like smoking, you cannot give him up,” Elyse Ribbons, a US citizen, said of her love for the city before lasteek’s staging of her Green Eyes on Chinese. The performance, which Ribbons developed and directed, tells [...]

September 22, 2008

chinese in motion: pilot episode

Well, I spent far too much time yesterday prepping and filming the pilot episode for a 6 minute slot on a TV show (I think the English title is “Chinese in Motion” but I can’t be too sure), but at least I got to vent my opinions on mooncakes. Yes, the first episode is about [...]

March 2, 2008

Make Art Not Carparks

a mini-documentary of the 拆ing of the Red T Gallery in 798 (one of the favorite galleries of the Beijing artWALK, which will be sorely missed when we start up the artWALK later this spring)

January 23, 2008

ShiFen Theater Festivaling

The extreme drain I feel after a production makes me glad that I don’t do drugs… it would be too much to deal with on a frequent basis ;p All that tension, frantic energy, worry, excitement and elation that goes along with producing theater is drug enough for me, thankyouverymuch. I’m still feeling a distinct [...]

September 28, 2007


主持人:各位新浪网友大家上午好,欢迎大家光临我们今天的新浪UC嘉宾聊天室,我是娄雷。 2008年马上就要到来了,我想有越来越多的中国人要走到世界的每一个角落去宣传我们的文化, 同时也会有越来越多的外国人来到我们美好的祖国,了解中国的文化。于是就有了这样一群人,5个女孩来到美丽的中国,通过自己的实际行动讲述自己的一些故 事,进行中美之间的文化交流。今天我们的演播室中为大家请到了这5个女孩当中的三位,和大家交流一下自己作为志愿者的心情和感受。首先欢迎三位。 今天聊天一开始,三位先给大家做一个自我介绍。

September 19, 2007

北京艺术漫步 : 9月22日

DIAF 2007北京当代国际艺术节 推出: 艺术漫步与PechaKucha北京 协同阿拉里奥北京艺术空间 酒厂艺术区,北京望京 北京市朝阳区安外北苑北湖娶 下午3:00-6:00 9月22日(星期六) 北京艺术漫步与PechaKucha北京协同阿拉里奥北京艺术空间于9月22日在酒厂艺术区向您隆重呈现第四次艺术漫步活动!此次活动特别特别契合了酒厂艺术区的一系列开幕展览及艺术活动,同时还连接了798大山子艺术区的DIAF 2007北京当代国际艺术节以及Art Beijing 艺术活动。艺术漫步与PechaKucha北京诚挚地邀请社会各界于9月22日下午3-6点钟享受一段不同寻常的艺术时光。PechaKucha 艺术讨论(中英双语)将在活动当天的4:30-6点举行。 游客可以在酒厂艺术区的各个画廊自由参观,届时其中将会举办不同的活动,包含:红酒品尝,涂鸦艺术家的现场展示,画展开幕仪式以及PechaKucha系列艺术讨论等。 本次活动免费向公众开放。活动地图以及宣传资料将会在全城派发。与此同时,也可到www.artwalkbeijing.com或www.pkbj.org网站上查询活动信息。活动当天,为方便对位于望京地区的酒厂艺术区不太熟悉的客人,我们将在五道口,东直门等地点提供班车服务。由于位置有限,班车只能对先到的部分客人服务。 关于艺术漫步 北京艺术漫步每月一次地将北京的社会各界聚集在一起,参与并探索这个城市的当代艺术景象。该活动向公众免费开放,旨在通过精选的艺术场所,延长的开放时间以及一系列的主题活动,提供一个艺术创作以及鉴赏参与的广泛的社交平台。 联系人:欧阳丹 电话:135.8159.7019 电子邮件


artWALK: September 22

DIAF 2007 (Beijing Dangdai International Art Festival) presents: artWALK and PechaKucha_Beijing organized with Arario Gallery at Jiuchang Art District, Wang Jing Beihuqu Road, Anwaibeiyuan, Chaoyang District 3 6 pm Saturday, September 22nd artWALK and PechaKucha_Beijing are proud to host our 4th events at Jiuchang Art District on September 22nd organized with Arario Gallery. Our events [...]

July 31, 2007

Belgian Waffles (wait, art centers!) in Beijing

(my most recent post on the Art Face Off blog) There is a great article from the NY Times about the new Ullens Center for Contemporary Art opening up in Beijing. I’ve pasted it below (well, in the Art Face Off blog) as I’m sure that at some point they will require a username and [...]

May 31, 2007

artWALK: June 2nd


May 12, 2007

Art Face Off – World Art Overview

Just wanted to put a little plug in for this blog, I’m currently writing for the China (more specifically, Beijing) art scene… my first entry can be seen here: Beijing – 798 Factory (大山子798) – Intro