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October 30, 2006

on learning about life (and raisins)

poor, poor Jon…

October 25, 2006

on being forced to love beijing

Elyse: So why do you like Beijing? Delilah: I don’t have a choice. Elyse: No choice? Delilah: Yes. Elyse: So are you forced to like Beijing? Delilah: Yes. Johnny: Would you like Cleveland if you were from there? Delilah: (confused)


on method acting

johnny angel on the things he goes through for his art. “Elyse is a strict proponent of the Stanislavski method, so um, I get drunk every rehearsal.”

October 17, 2006


um… I am in *no way* responsible for any statements that are made in any of the comments. Have fun, say what you want, and try not to be too terribly offensive (unless its funny, of course). English or 中文 both work.

October 2, 2006

So… do ya?

Do you love Beijing? Tell me why, or why not