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February 23, 2007

Das Parfum (spoiler alert)

Last autumn I spent about a month wandering around Europe and while there, a poster for “Das Parfum” was up everywhere. The red hair and position of the woman are striking, and the image was impressive enough for me to want to go see the production. But for some reason I thought that it was [...]

February 15, 2007

新年来了! (almost)

(嗯。。。还没到。但是我这一次想要准备好) 美国人有一个传统:每年要写新年愿望 (New Years’ Resolutions) 今年,我的新年愿望就是这些: ~ 写更多的中文博克 ~ 天天多吃一点儿水果 ~ 想做一件事情,就马上得做 ~ 每个周末出去散步,好好儿看北京 (还要拍照片!) ~ 努力继续学中文 ~ 按时睡觉(别天天晚上都在外面玩儿) ~ 当一个好孩子:经常给妈妈,妹妹,弟弟,亲戚,朋友们打电话或者写信 (!) ~ 写好了所有的我朋友的生日,记住那天跟他们过生日 ~ 继续把《我爱北京》还有我的别的计划(话剧,文章,艺术,等)弄好。 ~ 休息更多。 ~ 然后呢。。。成功!(哈哈哈) 你觉得呢?我能不能做这些?去年我的一个愿望是读完整套《哈利波特》(中文)。但是比较不费力的。便是睡觉容易得多!中国有没有这样的说法?新年快到了,这算是一个挺好的机会改掉你自己的坏习惯。每年年初是像一个小孩子,赶刚出生的,纯洁的。可到了年底,老了,毛病多了。可能人不是那么容易改他们的习惯,特别是坏习惯。但是如果人很努力,我相信每位都能进步。

February 14, 2007

a Flooky kinda day

so I took the morning off today in the hopes of being able to put the final edits on the play (or any edits, for that matter) and then I end up working (on the website) anyways, grumble grumble… at least I’m doing it from the comfort of home and in front of my delicious [...]

February 10, 2007

on friday nights (in the middle of february)

Just got turned onto the Doves by my friend Chris, current favorite song: Caught By The River. I’m still recovering from my Friday night. I started out the afternoon with a ChocoJing funded chocolate-spree. I’ve never spent so much money on chocolate in my life, it was *so* much fun. It was better than being [...]

February 8, 2007

ChocoJing Does Milk Chocolate Y’all:     So tonight is the first public party for ChocoJing (Beijing’s Chocolate Appreciation Society) at the Luna Lounge (8402-4417) near the Drum Tower at 8pm.  There is a 50rmb cover charge for the chocolate martini, three types of bruschetta and all-you-can-eat chocolate (both name brands like Hershey’s and Dove as well as [...]

February 6, 2007

on having too much fun with photobooth.

February 4, 2007

getting back on the speaking circuit

…the work might be lame, but at least it earns oodles of money for little-to-no-effort. however, I never realized how this skirt really makes me look quite tarty, in the moulin rouge kinda way (but then again, maybe its the boots that do that). in other news: I have a new computer. lets hope that [...]