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May 31, 2007

artWALK: June 2nd


May 29, 2007

i heart beijing: flier info

I Heart Beijing is a rowdy sendup of life in the capital: Naughty nymphette Ting Ting is a Beijinger by birth but a cosmopolitan girl at heart, she and her headstrong American roommate Sylvia have just moved into an apartment and find themselves hosts to the antics of their friends; John a womanizing laowai who [...]

May 22, 2007


终于告别第二场的排练。第二场(在中国饭馆)太麻烦了,但是很重要。我说是很麻烦因为Lucy(那个美籍华人)的角色是新手,而且Lucy在这场戏 份很中有大段的独白。是的,那段关于白菜的独白。:) 第二场也需要所有演员参与,所以时间就是件麻烦事。因为所有的演员都有白天的工作。一个演员是记者,一个是小学老师,一个是国际杂事的市场部的经 理,一个是家庭主男,一个是网络官员(webmistress),一个是舞蹈演员。。。太复杂了! 第一张照片是婷婷(她不就是满可爱吗?)第二张是我(是的,我正在”喝”花瓶儿里的水)。你看,我们 的排练不只是工作也是娱乐。当然我希望观众也会同意这样的想法

May 20, 2007

live jazz

last night I rounded up some friends (yes, with a lasso) and gathered for a fabulous dinner at the Hokka restaurant at Houhai, followed by live jazz at the East Shore Live Jazz Café 东岸咖啡.  Really great tunes and really great view.  In fact, it was so amazing a view that I need to remind myself [...]


rehearsals, part 1

Rehearsals are starting to get more standardized and we’re almost entirely off-book (though not quite, especially since I keep changing the lines on them, ha). This is a picture of us practicing scene 2 (the fanguar scene) and as you can see from the image, I’m gagging, Johnny Angel is talking, Delilah is looking thirsy/uncomfortable, [...]

May 18, 2007

annunciation exercises

. . . I’m a mother pheasant plucker, I pluck mother pheasants, I’m the most pleasant mother pheasant plucker, that ever plucked a mother pheasant. . . . thanks Jesai!


kong yi ji and pleasant spring days

nothing like the smell of pesticides in the air… mmm, mmm-mmm! or not. its the time of the year right before the mosquitos start spawning, so there have been major dousings of pesticide that have caused the air to be even more foul than usual (which is saying a lot, for Beijing). however, there are [...]

May 12, 2007

Art Face Off – World Art Overview

Just wanted to put a little plug in for this blog, I’m currently writing for the China (more specifically, Beijing) art scene… my first entry can be seen here: Beijing – 798 Factory (大山子798) – Intro

May 6, 2007

archive of review from ThatsBJ from the first run

“It was a cold and windy Saturday night but plenty of people still made the trek to 798-Dashanzi to catch the Chinglish comedy I Heart Beijing. More of a sketch comedy than a fully-fledged play, the drama was both educational and entertaining. Educational in the sense that audiences learnt the meaning of “cao ni da [...]

May 3, 2007

blueberry stained fingers…

…there’s nothing quite so sweet as licking of fresh blueberry goo from your fingers after gorging yourself on my uber-healthy muffins… yum! and of course, having lovely friends around you to chat with makes the experience so much better. I love how preparing for our roles in the play requires the girls to have quality [...]