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June 20, 2007

final curtains

well, the final curtains have closed… on the 2007 Beijing run of I Heart Beijing (hopefully we’ll be in Shanghai, maybe even Hong Kong, by the end of the year) It was a great show, and I’m saying that from a creator’s perspective, I probably had the highest demands of the theater, the cast, and [...]

June 8, 2007

The Playwright

so it turns out that this whole time I’ve been mispelling it as playwrite. rather than feel foolish or get upset, I’ve decided that they’re just going to have to change the dictionary. in the meanwhile, here is an article “day in the life of” from City Weekend. Elyse Ribbons, producer, director and writer of [...]

June 4, 2007

South China Morning Post !

Great divide Play can help bridge cultural gap David Eimer Updated on Jun 04, 2007 As officials focus on building economic links, it’s largely been left to a host of internet sites and blogs to explore the cultural differences between the mainland and the west. Most are  flip commentaries by foreigners detailing the frustrations of [...]

June 1, 2007

rehearsals, part 2

As you can see from the picture above, poor Johnny Angel has been acting his skinny white ass off during rehearsals (being a sleazy laowai is a lot of hard work!). However, I realized today that we have nary 7 days left before opening night.  Am I nervous?  No.  Am I scared that something awful/tragic/horrid [...]