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October 30, 2007

dinners with famous people

and by ‘with’ I actually mean ‘sitting at the table next to me’ so… Sunday night I had dinner with Jiang Wen (ok, he was at the table next to mine at a charity function, but close enough, right?). Actually, he vaguely remembered me (we met a few years ago at a friend’s funeral, so [...]

October 27, 2007

on turning 27

its going to be a 3-day weekend kind of birthday celebration… it started last night with my fabulous party at the Hilton’s Zeta Club (see invite below).  It was a huge success, and while I did waste most of my birthday sleeping in this morning… it was very much worth it and after this I [...]

October 23, 2007

ChocoJing Does Fauchon

Tuesday October 30th at 7pm Fauchon at Shin Kong Place RSVP to 50rmb includes chocolate tasting and coffee or tea More info: Fauchon, a luxury French chocolatiere brand which just opened up a branch here in Beijing (at Shin Kong Place), will be hosting our next tasting, on Tuesday October 30th at 7pm. [...]

October 21, 2007

finally free (and [birthday] partying like its 1999)

or so it seems. still have to go in on Monday and see if they will change the registration of my SIM card over to me (I really don’t want to have to deal with getting a new number, let alone the fact that everyone knows my current number) and of course, there’s some more [...]

October 20, 2007

Food as an Exhibition Sport

Kiss Kiss (Bang Bang?) 2 Heizhima Hutong 黑芝麻胡同2号 Off Nanluoguxiang 近南锣鼓巷 6403-7626 Open 17:00-23:30 Price Y100-Y199 per couple There’s more to this Taiwanese-run Japanese-style yakiniku restaurant than meets the eye (or tongue). Located on a small hutong off of Nanluoguxiang, its punky atmosphere is highlighted by goth-inspired black walls with chalked graffiti–chalk available upon request–and [...]

October 18, 2007

a further example of why I love America.

Colbert announces presidential pursuit By JAKE COYLE, AP Entertainment WriterWed Oct 17, 8:43 AM ET Stephen Colbert has announced his candidacy for president on “The Colbert Report,” tossing his satirical hat into the ring of an already crowded race. “I shall seek the office of the president of the United States,” Colbert said Tuesday on [...]

October 15, 2007

on the start of my new life

I wish that there was a nice clean break, a clear and consistent line from which I could base a transition in my life upon and still manage to maintain my sanity. However, it doesn’t look like it is going to happen that way… …I had auditions last night, but I’m still kicking myself that [...]

October 14, 2007


——国庆特别节目:外籍选手专场 —— 外来的和尚念什么经 国庆特别节目:外籍选手专场 —— 外来的和尚念什么经   他们来自美国、加拿大和喀麦隆,   他们一个美丽如花,一个俊朗帅气,一个学识渊博;   他们在中国生活了三年以上,汉语水平好到让你大跌眼镜;   他们个性鲜明,风趣幽默,让你忍俊不禁!      《幸运52》改版4个月无人通关,11道小学题目考倒无数英雄。“外来的和尚”此番出手有什么样的斩获?难道坚实壁垒将被外国选手率先突破?国庆长假悠然到来,《幸运52》倾情送上特别节目:外国选手专场,将欢乐送到您面前!   1号选手柳素英:美丽、娴雅的美国姑娘,初来中国学习的是中医,现在在国内做编剧、导演。美丽的外表配上敏捷的头脑,开朗幽默的特质配上流利的汉语,让这个美国姑娘在考场上魅力四射,见闻广博的李咏险些招架不住……   2号选手捷盖:来自喀麦隆的数学博士,目前正在北航攻读第二博士学位。捷盖的多才多艺程度相当惊人,京剧、变脸、书法、民歌、相声没有他不会的……“双料博士”的称呼那也不是浪得虚名,在插班生选拔中他表现出的智慧就给现场观众一个下马威!   3号选手麦小龙:来自加拿大,俊朗帅气,笑起来阳光灿烂。小龙唱歌的水平和张学友有一拼,在中国还有粉丝团呢,据说他的粉丝都叫“小龙虾”。和很多年轻人一样,麦小龙同学对时尚的东西相当了解,可惜对历史之类的知识……   看起来双料博士捷盖最有冲关实力,可是内敛细腻的柳美女也不是等闲之辈,年轻热情思维敏捷的麦小龙虎视眈眈……3位英雄同上《幸运52》的答题台,说着南腔北调又相当够水准的中文,回答着难倒N多学习狂人的小学题,究竟谁能冲关呢?《幸运52》10道小学题的壁垒会不会被外国选手率先突破?紧张激烈的答题过程,爆笑的场上气氛,伴你渡过一个愉快的节日夜晚!   节目播出时间:10月3日 22:03分 CCTV-2    责编:赵倧博