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June 30, 2008

Cheeky Monkey Sketches: Speakin No Evil

I hope to see everyone out on Thursday night!

June 26, 2008

Elyse Ribbons, the model?

Recently when auditioning for bit parts in Chinese movies and TV shows (yes, I’ve strayed back to that pitiful place) I’ve been asked for ‘professional pictures’ so instead of paying for headshots, I decided to do some more modeling Here is me, as a Replicant, evidently (eat your heart out Darryl Hannah). If you haven’t [...]

June 24, 2008


亲爱的网友们,我又有事情需要你们的建议。我想要写一个报纸或者杂志的栏目(因为随便写博客有一点没意思,我觉得有一个题目的话,有一个编辑,这会让我写作品写得更好)。我想和更多的人分享我的想法,特别是中国人。那样的话可以开始有更多的国际交流。我还想有人和我一起讨论一些社会现象。有更多的不同的想法对人民更好,对不对?我当然不觉的我是什么大使,什么高手,但是因为我有绿眼睛,我的观点常常是新鲜的(不一定是对的!)。那么,你们觉得我应该怎么办?有人能提供线索吗? 我无所谓是什么样的出版社(时尚杂志,新闻报纸,地方报纸,文学类月刊,都可以)。我的想法非常非常多,就像天上的星星,肯定能满足读者的好奇心理。我非常喜欢写东西,而且很勤快。 哦,对了。编辑们,你不用怕我不听话。我很懂,中国媒体不允许说一些东西。我不会乱说。我也不支持什么独立,什么抗议,什么分裂。:)

June 23, 2008

Unicorn Pride

I recently met another S&M alum at a UNC alum event and proudly produced the international symbol of geekdom by putting my fist on my forehead with my pinky sticking out like a unicorn horn. Yes, thats just how cool I am Then today, a friend from the state dept passed on this article to [...]

June 19, 2008

Dancing Dolls

For the past month, I’ve sacrificed my social life (and most of my work life) in the name of Choreography. This was technically the first time I’ve choreographed a show (I’ve done bits and pieces for shows before, but nothing like this). It was a great experiment and it was *super* fun to be dancing [...]