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July 17, 2008


顽皮猴子在伦敦 你去过伦敦吗?你知道么,伦敦比北京还古老。我不用说伦敦多好(空气干净,人民礼貌,文化丰富)因为那边确实太贵。 去麦当劳买一个套餐的话,在北京十几块人民币,在伦敦六个英镑(七十多块人民币!) 去酒吧买一杯酒的话,在北京三十块人民币,在伦敦十几个英镑(快两百人民币!) 反正我在伦敦很容易减肥(省吃俭用) 伦敦最讨厌的地方就是没有免费的无线网络。去星巴克的话,不只是花血汗钱买一杯咖啡,还得买一个上网卡(又贵又不好用)。当然,在我伦敦的家里边上网很容易,而且比刘翔跑的快的多。一下就下载好了。 我正在准备在那边把一个我的话剧演出。可能明年秋天。你想,这是不是很长时间?是。有点过分。因为我得保持演员要和我一起合作(我不是一个很好的朋友,我现在不要他们变的太出名,我不会付出那么高的工资)。 是这么长的时间因为有很多东西得提前准备好,而且在伦敦演出成本较高,所以我先得找足够的赞助商。(你们认识一个吗?可以给我推荐吗?);) 在伦敦我也碰到了几个在北京认识的朋友,让我觉得很幸福。:) 在伦敦我长的更像一个本地人(反正不是那么胖)但是我的感觉是很陌生。我在伦敦觉得我是个老外。我在北京觉得我是个北京人。在美国我觉得我是个外星人。很国际化!(哈) [ cialis canadian pharmacy | viagra plant | buy discount viagra | herbal alternatives to viagra | viagra doses | does herbal viagra really work | gel tab viagra | cialis soft | viagra free trial pack | original brand cialis | cialis on line [...]

July 14, 2008

Londoning ‘Round Town

(and no, I didn’t buy my wig to match my blog, but it is rather convenient, don’t you think? perhaps, a little too convenient… nevermind ) After a ridiculously long plane trip (where I had the pleasure of running into one friend while at the airport, and then making another friend who I sat next [...]

July 6, 2008

Russian Whores (from a Cheeky Monkey Sketch) ;)

Here’s the first of the videos from the debut of Cheeky Monkey Sketches last week at Ciro’s Pomodoro here in Beijing. Good times all around The sound quality is less than ideal, but I’m currently working on finding a sponsor who will help pay for some quality microphones (wish me luck!) This skit, “Russian Whores” [...]

July 2, 2008


Whilst procrastinating from preparations for the show tonight (Cheeky Monkey Sketches, be there or well, miss out) I decided to finally create a non-spamming email newsletter program. Just click on the picture, then submit your email address and name to be kept in the loop on all the future events (some of which we will [...]