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August 12, 2008

my growling stomach finally got me some press ;)

I got a quote in the Wall Street Journal, w00t! I haven’t gotten around to writing a post about the Opening Ceremony this past Friday (quick #080808 shout-out to my tweetpeeps!) due to the extreme hangover I experienced. I only had one beer during the night (and two cokes, which probably didn’t help) coupled with [...]

August 11, 2008

From Detroit to Beijing, an artistic journey

for all my great firewall of china-blocked 网友, I’m posting article here BEIJING, China – Beijing has its fair share of expatriates, many of whom are Western school teachers dropping by for a few months or, at most, a year. Not so for 27-year-old Elyse Ribbons, a Detroit local who’s managed to avoid any [...]

August 10, 2008

I’m on the Olympics home page for !!! :)

check it out! (and leave a comment, pretty please!)

August 5, 2008

Cheeky Monkey Video Series: Wacky Places to Visit in Beijing

While shooting a commercial at the Mei LangFang Theater (it was a commercial on Etiquette for the Olympics, where I was a ditzy backpacker that left her camera at a cafe and had it returned to her… awww) my brother and I got bored and wandered around the area. As the theater is next to [...]

August 3, 2008


奥运来了! 外国游客来了! 北京疯了! (我也是) 得了吧,柳素英,得了吧 我还记得2001年春天,我在西直门那边留学的时候,经常碰到北京申奥的海报。那些海报在宣传中国古典文化,正好也我学中国文化的时候。我天天上课又问老师这个海报什么意思,那个海报什么意思,等等。国际奥委会宣布北京获得了2008年奥运会举办权的时候也让我很开心。那个时候我真没有想到我确实会亲自经历这次奥运会。我很幸福。也拿到了几张票。更幸福的是我还拿到了开幕式的票 我为了这次的奥运会演好几种角色:运动员(沙滩排球 - 这个海报在北京很多地方都贴出了),外国游客(背包客 - 中央电视台拍的一个公益广告),机场导游(空姐 - T3飞机场的公益广告),奥运官员(在一个电器公司的广告里),记者(一个奥运赞助者的宣传片里)。我很累!为奥运服务了这么多。辛苦辛苦。哈哈哈。 其实,不只我一个人为了奥运会吃了那么多苦。全国人也在这样做。中国人牺牲了很多。但是,我觉得很值得。这个奥运会算是全球最大的,最优秀的,最红的。当然这个红色有三个不同的意思:红色的共产主义,红色在中国是最受欢迎的颜色,奥运也是红红火火的。 啊呦。一写‘红红火火’我脑子里开始听王菲的歌《将爱》。红红火火,轰轰烈烈,我们的爱情,就像一场战争。讨厌。我很喜欢王菲的歌,但是现在,我在咖啡馆里低声唱着确实有点傻。而且我都忘了别的歌词。老唱那第一句。我快疯了。就像我们的亲爱的过奥运的北京。 … (我帮助大家预防这个问题:找到了MV给你看看):)

August 1, 2008

Behind the Scenes of Chinese TV Series “Hun Bian”

Video podcast from the one day wacky guest star spot I got on the Chinese tv series “Hun Bian” (婚变 = Marital Upheaval). I evidently play ‘the other woman’ in the final episode… although from what I was told of the story (which is almost nothing!) I’m the woman that the guy has been in [...]