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December 31, 2008

Learning to laugh out loud at Chinese comedy

21st Century December 31,2008 by Elyse Ribbons There are many things that people immediately think of when asked about the major differences between American and Chinese culture. One of the more difficult differences to grasp is comedy. That’s because a very high language level is required to understand most humor. Cultural background is usually necessary [...]

December 28, 2008

americana: Obama mania + Garden & Gun

best. quote. ever. Stevie Wonder as interviewed on CNN: “What, Obama is black?” While waiting for a friend to meet up with me at Penn Station in New York City over the holidays, I observed this window display at the news and magazine store. It was amazing to feel the energy around the new Obama [...]

December 25, 2008

Christmas in New York

For the first time in 5 years I decided to come home for Christmas this year. Home, however, being a loosely term defined by wherever my family happens to be congregating for the holiday. This year it was decided to hold the festivities at my sister’s new house in upstate New York (aka: the Land [...]

December 16, 2008


我到底是谁?孙悟空小姐! 你听说过辽宁卫视的节目《到底是谁?》吗?那天我已经安排了很多面试,那段时间我正忙着为话剧《宫保莎士比亚》选演员,但是一个朋友忽然打电话给希望我能替她录这个电视节目,她临时有事去不了很着急。因为是帮朋友的忙我可以去,但我想会很辛苦,因为那些天我太忙了。 不过结果比我预想的好的多,那天我遇到了我的好朋友麦小龙,每次和他一起录节目都很轻松,我们总是不停地开玩笑,像两个调皮的小学生,或者是两个顽皮的小猴子。然而好事还不止这一件,我到了那以后才知道那天的主持人正是大名鼎鼎的郭德刚!因为我对所有体现幽默风格的艺术都很感兴趣,我自己做的话剧主要就是喜剧,我也一直都很喜欢中国的相声。 我原来以为所有的相声都是提前完全背好的台词,但那天我了解到并不完全是这样,比如郭德刚的相声有就有很多是凭借灵感现场发挥的。当然这么幽默的人不止郭德刚一个,他也很欣赏我的幽默呢,哈:)! 这里我真不是吹牛,他还答应要帮我把《绿眼睛识黑汉字》的剧本修改一下,让它更有意思。 这个节目像很多普通娱乐节目的风格一样,但因为邀请的嘉宾都是外国人,所以给出的问题都非常简单,我得了很高的分,却还不能说明我真的聪明。节目的最好的一部分就是我们得穿一些道具服装即兴表演一个短剧,每个人都是《西游记》里的一个人物,你们猜猜我演了谁?哈,你猜对了!我演的是孙悟空!但这回事孙悟空小姐。当然我得到是最好玩儿的角色,麦小龙演的是唐僧,郭德刚扮了一个妖怪。结果很自然是我赢了这个环节,因为我本来就是一只顽皮的小猴子。 其实拍的很开心,希望大家看得也很开心,也希望我能有更多的机会拍这样的节目,更希望下次我能赢得第一名拿到那个漂亮的手机—-我现在的手机很破 ~ 柳素英

December 15, 2008

Liaoning TV’s Chunjie special gameshow…

So this afternoon, a friend called me up and asked me if I could fill in for her on a TV show filming for Liaoning TV’s chunjie special (or something). Details were, as per usual with the Chinese entertainment industry, left to the imagination. As I could squeeze the filming in between the auditions for [...]

December 3, 2008

Article: Her green eyes on Beijing

Beijing Today (08/11/28 23:59) By Zhao Hongyi   “Beijing is like your boyfriend. Though he may have some bad habits like smoking, you cannot give him up,” Elyse Ribbons, a US citizen, said of her love for the city before lasteek’s staging of her Green Eyes on Chinese. The performance, which Ribbons developed and directed, tells [...]