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May 29, 2009


《天下收藏》展示王者之木 紫檀木的风采 首播:北京卫视 5月29日 21:35   紫檀,亚热带常绿乔木,木质甚坚,色赤,入水即沉。紫檀是红木中最高级的用材。是一种颜色深紫发黑的硬木。最适于用来制作家具和雕刻艺术品。这是由于紫檀木生长缓慢,非数百年不能成材。我国古代认识和使用紫檀木始于东汉末期,晋·崔豹《古今注》有记载,时称“紫檀木,出扶南,色紫,亦谓之紫檀。”到了明代,此木为皇家所重视,开始大规模采伐。由于紫檀木数量稀少,很快将国内檀木采光,随后即派官吏赴南洋采办,此后遂成定例,一直延续到明朝灭亡。   用紫檀制作的器物经打蜡磨光不需漆油,表面就呈现出缎子般的光泽。因此有人说用紫檀制作的任何东西都为人们所珍爱。本期《天下收藏》就将向大家展示王者之木的风采——紫檀木。   此件宝物可大有来历。紫檀木在中国明清以来,一直是受王家所欢迎的,而且在清代的时候,网罗天下所有的紫檀,这件紫檀的八宝箱,特别是用浮雕、平雕等工艺,雕出龙凤的艺术,它所有的金属丝片是皇宫造办处做出的,据专家考证此件宝物乃是皇家皇帝大婚时候用的,且工艺精湛。   北京电视台节目主持人潮东;著名的音乐人雪村;美国姑娘——中国国际广播电台的节目主持人柳素英。中外嘉宾组合会如何向藏宝人发难?可爱的藏宝人向观众、嘉宾们展示的自己得意地宝贝,三件个性藏品令人大开眼界,柳素英直言不讳说藏宝人的藏品让她想起美国卫生纸的盒子? 潮东为何说这样的东西连二环都进不了?藏宝人鉴定宝物的妙招, 是否靠谱?专家做何点评?王刚的护宝锤是否再次发威?更多精彩尽在5月29日北京卫视21:35《天下收藏》 “紫”气东来! 首播:北京卫视 2009年5月29日21:35分 重播: 北京卫视 2009年6月1日 11:05分 BTV财经 2009年6月1日 16:12分 BTV财经 2009年6月5日 16:12分 BTV财经 2009年6月7日 11:58分

May 27, 2009

Drama heralds financial literacy program for children

By Wang Wei staff reporter With a lively drama by the Cheeky Monkey Theater on May 8, 2009, Citi China announced the second phase of a financial education program for children aged between 8 and 12 years old in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. All the actors, actresses, and student representatives, along with Anand Selva [...]

May 26, 2009

jazz festivals and comics

I’ve just gotten back from a wonderful show at Yugong Yishan, the Norwegian alt-jazz band MOTIF was playing as part of the Nine Gates Jazz Festival. I particularly enjoyed the general geekiness of the band, they were really into their music, and genuinely having a good time playing with the sounds, which is always a [...]

May 25, 2009

That’s Beijing — In The Spotlight: Elyse Ribbons

In The Spotlight: Elyse Ribbons Luke Holden Producer, writer, actress, inspirer. An artist in Beijing. On a sunny afternoon in downtown Beijing, that’s sat down with Cheeky Monkey Theater owner and manager Elyse Ribbons to hear how and why she started one of the few drama companies producing original works in the city. From its [...]

May 23, 2009

KPS – Opening Night :)

Last night was my best opening night evah! The lighting was on time, the music was (mostly) perfect, the actors didn’t (really) forget any lines. Overall, it was really really great I’m heading off to the theater in a few minutes to work out the last few little kinks… can’t wait for tonight!

May 21, 2009

Kung Pao Shakespeare T-Shirts!

ticket to KPS = 120/60rmb awesome T-shirt = 100rmb models sold separately. Cheeky Monkey is proud to announce that as a gift for a donation of 100rmb or more, we will give you one of these fashionable (and sexy!) Kung Pao Shakespeare T-shirts, seen modeled here by Lychee Sheng, Jessica Du, and Eric Abrahamsen. We’ll [...]


shout outs from some great Beijing blogs

These two blogs recently interviewed me (about restaurants/bars/high heels) and this is a fabulous excuse for me to let readers on my blog know about these great sites. They’re both written by long-term Beijing expats, who both happen to be well-known epicureans in their own right. (Thanks to Jim Boyce and Badr Benjelloun!) Elyse Ribbons: [...]

May 20, 2009 “Kung Pao Shakespeare on the way”

( by Ren Zhongxi, May 20, 2009) “Kung Pao Shakespeare”, the latest Cheeky Monkey Production, will be presented in English and Chinglish at the Canadian International School of Beijing at 7:30 p.m. on May 22nd, 23rd and 24th. “Kung Pao” is a traditional Chinese way of frying food. Rehearsal This is an original comedy by [...]

May 19, 2009

Kung Pao’ed

Happy Hump Day! Don’t let the Wednesday Blues get you down… the weekend is only 2.5 days away and with the opening of Kung Pao Shakespeare to look forward to, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Just a reminder for everyone that Kung Pao Shakespeare is opening this weekend, and tickets are [...]

May 15, 2009

Get Ready for Kung Pao Shakespeare!

Opening next week, May 22nd, 23rd and 24th at 7:30pm at the Canadian International School of Beijing, the latest Cheeky Monkey Production, Kung Pao Shakespeare is going to be the biggest comedic event of the season. An original comedy by Elyse Ribbons, this show follows in the footsteps of I Heart Beijing by lampooning Beijing [...]