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August 31, 2009

IHBJ: Translating Blonde Jokes

August 26, 2009


我已经到定州好几天了,我和小桂每天在招待所等着我们的电影开机,后来剧组通知我们需要开新闻发布会,我们终于开机了。 我觉得很有趣,在中国什么都需要一个仪式。拍电影电视剧开机之前会把一个红色的布缎放在摄像机上面,像一个新娘子。很好玩儿。新闻发布会就像婚礼一样(但是我们缺了一个新郎)。可怜的新娘(摄像机)。不过很高兴的是有很多娘家人来参加。 很多的“大人物”过来参加开机仪式,但是我一个都不认识。我像一个冰激凌一样在太阳下都快溶化了。半小时结束以后我们全体剧组人员和政府官员合影留念,大家都乱了,需要我喊“一、二、三、茄子”出现了下面这张合影,你们看我的“中文”多棒啊…… 拍《晏阳初》的电影的好处就是我们的拍摄现场是一个差不多有三百年历史的一个古院,叫贡院。亲爱的网友们,你们有机会来定州玩儿必须到这个地方参观。多享受一点孔子的文人气息。 ~ 柳素英


Yan Yangchu Film Press Event

So… I’ve been in Dingzhou for about 5 days now, still haven’t filmed anything. Fortunately we have finally had at least a press release and the offiicial de-veiling of the camera (Chinese tradition much like the unveiling of the bride on the wedding night, only without any sex). Before today, I have mostly have just [...]

August 24, 2009

IHBJ: Dangers of Americanized Names

August 23, 2009

Being in a Fairytale

(or at least a semblance thereof) One of the benefits of acting in period pieces is the great / ridiculous / ornate costumes. Normally another one of these benefits is the plethora of complicated wigs (Jennifer Ehle famously blamed her fantastic performance in the BBC version of Pride & Prejudice on her wigs). Unfortunately for [...]

August 22, 2009

特兰达的头发 : Telanda’s Hair

特兰达是我在《下南洋》里面扮演的角色。她是一个比较有贵气的德国姑娘。剧中她老公是一个非常阴险的大坏蛋。特兰达不知道她老公那么坏… (这是我和剧中其中的一个演员,像不像一对儿老夫少妻?) So, “Te Lan Da” is the name of my character from that Xia Nan Yang tv soap I was filming the other night, where I play the oblivious German wife of the major villain. I’m still not sure what “Telanda’s” name is meant to be in German… anyone have any ideas? Either way, [...]

August 21, 2009

Darling in Chinese = 达令 (da ling)

The other afternoon (amidst my other crazy auditions that weren’t auditions, ha) I got a random part in an epic Chinese miniseries that is about the migration of the wealthy and educated Chinese to Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Singapore) called 下南洋 (Xia Nan Yang). I play the German wife of the Villain (yes, capital V necessary). [...]

August 18, 2009

Auditions that aren’t auditions

So… I’ve had a crazy day today. Started the morning with a bowl of black oats (its a Russian product that I got from the import store that was translated into Chinese as 黑麦片 and essentially just looks like a darker version of organic oats) with pecans and honey, followed with a cup of earl [...]


1920年代的小柳 ;)

我今天去面试一个电影的比较有趣的角色。一般在中国电视剧电影l里面,给老外的角色不是特别有意思。演一个坏女,演一个英语老师,演一个花瓶,等等。但是这个电影的角色看起来挺好玩。是演一个二十年代海龟的太太。但是这个美国老婆是一个很幽默的女孩子,也是挺聪明。而且。。。我有机会穿旗袍!大家都应该知道我特别喜欢穿旗袍 后来导演觉得我很适合演这个角色。开心死我了!

August 6, 2009


So I opened up an account with the JPG magazine website last year, assuming that I’d be taking so many fantastic pictures during the lead-up to the Olympics that surely some of the images would get picked for the print version. Little did I realize that I would be so ridiculously busy choreographing productions (ie: [...]