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September 17, 2009

Amtraking to Amherst

I’m sitting on a train heading from NYC Penn Station to Amherst, MA to visit my sister Relena (she’s at U Mass getting her PhD in Treehugging) and I’m just *loving* train travel in America! Bonus number one: plugs for computers, bonus two, lots of leg room, three…? Actually, the whole thing has been incredibly [...]

September 10, 2009

all black in Hong Kong

So I’m down in Hong Kong again, though this time I plan on avoiding the Giorgio Armani shop, since the big sales are only in August, and its simply too much a temptation. I swear that Giorgio designs the clothes for me, its very rare that I can pop into a shop and try anything [...]

September 7, 2009

IHBJ: Monkey Bidness with Guo Degang

September 6, 2009

How to say AC/DC in Chinese?

Dirty Deeds. Best. Saturday. Night. Ever. Had a full day of filming (last day, too!) of the Xia Nan Yang 《下南洋》show, then came storming back to town, hair still done up all Teranda-like, and went straight to see the best AC/DC cover band of all time play at YuGong YiShan. Has to be the best [...]

September 3, 2009

Black Chicken Soup 乌鸡汤 (wujitang)

As autumnal weather changes combined with my ridiculous work/social schedule wreak havoc on my immune system, I find myself falling back on good old fashioned Chinese/Western home remedies. Its interesting that according to Chinese tradition, oranges (and thus orange juice) are *not* good for treating a cold as its a “hot” element (and increased heat [...]



我刚刚回北京,回来的时候特别的开心。我和小桂坐在火车上,快到北京西站的时候,两个人的脸上同时露出开心的笑容。拍电影好玩,定州也不错,但是还不如我的亲爱的北京。 这张照片是我在现场拍的。拍的时候我不知道后面有那些毛笔写的字,后来觉得挺有趣。也许“知”不是最适合的字,那么你们觉得哪个字会最好的? *** 我从定州回北京的原因是因为我明天得又去密云拍戏,继续拍那个《下南洋》的电视剧。我特别喜欢这个戏,导演很好,演员也很好。跟他们合作非常开心。当然最好的是剧组的发型师(察看特兰达的头发),哈哈。 好的好的,我今晚要早点睡觉,要不然明天连最好的化装师没办法把我的黑眼圈化好了(特兰达不是一个国宝大熊猫似的女孩儿)。希望你们也可以早点休息。拜拜! ~ 小柳

September 2, 2009

定ing the 州

Just wanted to share a random picture from my time in Dingzhou. On my way to set the other day, I passed by this cute lil guy and just couldn’t resist getting a picture. Not that I’m endorsing this particular brand of baijiu (nor have I ever even tried it) but the statue was just [...]

September 1, 2009

updating my address book