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November 30, 2009

Wacky Chinese Products: Lay’s Kiwi Flavor (chips)

For my latest installment of Wacky Chinese Products, I have selected the never-to-fail in the freakout category flavor series called “Natural & Cool” (自然清爽) produced by Lay’s potato chips. And no, these aren’t potato chips (or ‘crisps’ for you Anglos out there) that wear sunglasses and are incredibly hip and earthy. Their attitude is pretty [...]

November 29, 2009

Book Review: Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen

Water for Elephants: a Novel — by Sara Gruen Earlier this weekend, after deciding to skip the incredibly crowded Christmas Bazaar at the German Embassy, I ended up enjoying a fantastic brunch with my 007 at The Opposite House in Sanlitun. Not the best eggs benedict in the city, but overall an incredibly pleasant brunch [...]

November 27, 2009

New Podcast: 老外游美国

So… I’ve finally gotten around to editing the video I was taking during my trip to the States this fall (yay). In my attempt to get over my Thanksgiving-induced holiday blues, I finished up the website for the podcast: 老外游美国. I’d love to hear what you have to think of it…

November 26, 2009

ChocoJing Does Chocolat Chaud

喜欢巧克力爱好者: 这是2009年最后一次巧克京聚会,寒冷的冬季也挡不住美味的诱惑。这次活动任然以品尝世界各地美味巧克力为主,包括大家最喜欢的法国巧克力、热可可等巧克力各种制作方法现场观看。 如果你也是巧克力的爱好者,那就赶快加入我们的队伍吧!(需提前预约)发送邮件至 请写清楚你的姓名、电话和参加人数 时间:11月30号(星期一)晚上6:30 . . . 费用:50元 Hello-Hello Fellow ChocoJingers! This Monday, November 30th @ 6:30pm ChocoJing is going to jump in to the winter season with flair by enjoying a tasting of Comptoirs de France’s famous Hot Chocolates. Chocolat Chaud for those francophiles amongst you. While the recipe will remain a secret, [...]

November 24, 2009

we love china :: interviews with expats

Here’s an interview that I recently did with “We Love China” a blog that focuses on long-term Expats and the fun, wacky and interesting things that they’re doing here in the Middle Kingdom. The only negative is that its a blogspot blog, which is blocked behind the Great Firewall, so its an issue to get [...]

November 19, 2009

Olgilvy sponsored Blogger Meetup…

Went to a really great event tonight at the Bookworm, but of course, all of the events there are good Thomas Crampton gave a presentation about social media’s role in the Obama campaign followed by some really great discussions by some Chinese social media heroes / bloggers / weibo-ers. Most interesting was a girl who [...]

November 18, 2009

柳素英:“进口格格”的话剧情缘 – 南都娱乐报道

南都娱乐报道 11.16.2009 柳素英:“进口格格”的话剧情缘 柳素英的母亲是美国百老汇的演员,然而她的艺术梦却要来到地球背面实现。她自编自导话剧通常都有一种典型的“老外看中国”的意思,有搞笑、有悬念、chinglish、ABC,这些因素成就了柳素英在北京的戏与身份。换一个城市,或许柳素英的艺术梦不会这么轻易实现。她甚至还怂恿自己的弟弟也来到北京做话剧。柳素英喜欢人,享受被看,也热爱看人。北京在她眼里,最大的魅力是有太多不同的人。她每天都新奇的看着这座城市,然后仅仅因为这种善意的新奇,得到北京善意的回报。 文—叶清漪 图—邵欣 柳素英德名片反面,是大大的“我爱北京”四个汉字。她的英文名叫“Elyse Ribbons”,金发、绿眼睛、小脸、高挑、纤细,无论用哪个国家哪个民族的审美观看,这都是一个漂亮姑娘。不过柳素英说自己在伦敦的回头率比在北京要高多了,”伦敦的人看到漂亮的姑娘就回头看,在北京回头看我的人,首先还是想看老外。” 这是美国女孩柳素英在中国生活的第七年。她出生在底特律,在北卡罗来纳州长大。大学的时候,柳素英就曾经来中国留学,最早是阴错阳差,那一年柳素英报了去埃及的留学却被临时取消,一筹莫展之际通过了来中国留学的面试。她的专业是人类学,在北京呆了一年之后,柳素英回美国写完她关于养生之道的毕业论文后,再次来到中国,工作,把家落在北京。 把家落在北京的意思,并不是在北京买了房子,也不是嫁到了北京,而是一种心理归属感,北京市柳素英那个”在家百样好”的家,每次飞机在首都机场着陆,柳素英就会想,”真好,我回家了。“而将”养生之道“作为毕业论文的柳素英,相信阴阳调和,相信中药,相信板蓝根——每次感冒,她都把自己交给板蓝根,连带她在北京养的一只猫,也是板蓝根的重视爱好者,经常与柳素英抢着喝。 最初她在北京的工作是在美国大使馆,在见缝插针搞话剧取得不错反响之后,柳素英迅速辞去工作,以表演为职业。除了专业在一些影视剧里面出演各种老外之余,她最喜欢的仍然是话剧。 2007年,柳素英在北京创办了顽皮猴子戏剧社,即是导演编剧,又是演员,这个话剧社至今已经排演了《我爱北京》、《绿眼睛识黑汉字》、《宫保莎士比亚》等几部戏剧,这些话剧给了柳素英真正表达自己观点、性格的机会。 从一个中国人的观点来看,这些话剧仍然以中西文化对撞对主线,有点”职业老外”的意思。然而柳素英自己并不见外,在地铁上,柳素英说自己偶尔能听见北京人私下讨论其他老外,”这个老外真是胖得没治了” “这个老外黑得和煤球一样”,听的柳素英投入得哼哧哼哧一起笑,这倒经常让中国人不好意思起来。 美女柳素英在北京也交过中国男友,”但中国人对于谈恋爱这件事观点和美国人不一样,好像他们谈恋爱是为了结婚,” 柳素英瞪着大大的绿眼睛说,”当年我年纪还小,简直吓坏了。” 柳素英喜欢在中国旅游,因为”在中国旅游很像在欧洲,吓了火车,就可能遇到完全不一样的风景,不同的口音,不同的事物”。种种口音里,柳素英对山西话无师自通,”大概因为我特别喜欢喝醋,“柳素英认真地说, “有可能我上辈子是山西人.”

November 17, 2009

another JPG mag photo… transformations: makeupped

this is a photo from the makeup room at a tv show… it was crazy funny in that there were *sooo* many makeup artists/hairdressers that I felt like there were hands coming at me from every direction. one of the reasons I like acting: I love having people play with my hair, and really good [...]

November 16, 2009

Wacky Chinese Products: Maple’s Love (beverage)

The other day, on my way to visit my 干妈 (Chinese mother) at the hospital where she was recovering from knee surgery, I stopped off at a flower shop to get some pink lilies and fruit. After spending what now upon reflection seems far too much time bargaining over the price of aforementioned lilies, I [...]

November 15, 2009

Better Than Sex (on ChocoJing)

. Of all the complaints launched against Beijing by my female friends, the only thing that comes up as often as the lack of acceptable men is the lack of good chocolate. So noble a confection, more than mere nectar or ambrosia, the true food of the gods has somehow been relegated in China to [...]