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December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve in Beijing

Like many other traditions that change dramatically upon being embraced by the Chinese (such as the Bodhisattva Guan Yin being female in China, but male elsewhere) Christmas in Beijing has a definitive Chinese flavor to it. The romantic nature of the Christmas holiday for some of my Chinese friends seems incredibly wacky to me, but [...]

December 23, 2009

ChocoJingle Bells and Awfully Chocolate Cake

Last night was a truly superb ChocoJing event, definitely one of our best yet. Thanks to the wonderful chefs and wait staff at Cafe Europa, we ate a fantastic meal of salad and pasta, leaving only just enough room for the Christmas Yule Log cake provided by Awfully Chocolate. Both beautiful and delicious. However, like [...]

December 20, 2009

LWYMG 老外游美国 : 纽约 “一铁路顺风!”

Here’s the latest Laowai You Meiguo (LWYMG) podcast to be edited (yay!). I realize that its taking me *forever* to get them posted, but I’m also currently working on editing like, three other projects so… either way, this is the episode about public transport/trains in New York City… enjoy Original blog post (in Chinese) here: [...]

December 17, 2009

Staying cheeky with chinglish puns – China Daily

Staying cheeky with chinglish puns By Lara Farrar (China Daily) Updated: 2009-12-10 08:06 Composing plays that appeal to both Chinese and foreign audiences is not an easy feat. Elyse Ribbons should know. The 29-year-old actress and playwright from Detroit, Michigan, is the founder of Cheeky Monkey, one of only a handful of Beijing-based theater companies [...]

December 16, 2009

ChocoJing Does Christmas Cake (and Dinner!)

Dear ChocoJingers, To celebrate the holidays with style, ChocoJing is organizing an event in collaboration with Cafe Europa and Awfully Chocolate. There will be a three course meal served, salad, pasta and of course, a fantastically chocolate dessert. The christmas log cake tradition is a fun and wacky reminder of the origins of the holiday [...]

December 15, 2009

Cheeky Monkey’s children’s performance at Family Box

家盒子——来自英伦的家庭寓乐成长中心 – Here are some pictures from the opening event at Family Box 家盒子 from a couple weeks ago. It was a fantastic event, partially because I got to work with some of my favorite actors (shout out to Jessica, Devreaux and Aisling!) and partially because I got to do improv, which is always [...]

December 14, 2009

Britchammed at the Christmas Party – The Global Times

Last Thursday night I attended the BritCham Christmas Party with my very own 007 (pictured above) and I’m very surprised (and not-so-secretly pleased) to have discovered our photo in today’s Global Times. Best thing about the evening (other than the dancing, of course) was running into several of the crew members from the BBC shoot [...]

December 13, 2009

BBC -《英语小精灵》

I played the part of “Amy” and got to make use of that finely honed Sloane accent I’ve picked up while hanging around South Kensington in London. I’m happy to see that one of the episodes I’m in has finally made it onto the BBC website Amy 是英国人,从伦敦到中国出差。她会说中文,第一次来到中国很兴奋,但也被英语小精灵给盯上了,犯了一些让人哭笑不得的错误。

December 12, 2009

Lost in Mandarin – Global Times

When googling recently for press on Green Eyes on Chinese I stumbled across this article in The Global Times about Mandarin language learning. I think when they were interviewing me for this article they used some of the quotes for this one. Not that I mind, I’m all about innovation in Chinese studies The Global [...]

December 11, 2009

我又参加了天下收藏 :)

天下收藏:解讀柔媚的線條罐 12月11日 21:35 罐口微撇,蘋果腹,小底足。這種罐子造型看來很不經意,其實是很符合造型美學要求的,頸部的寬厚與腹部的線條精美相呼應,口部的寬大與收斂的底足相對比,釉色的沉悶感與線條被割裂感相對應,等等,都表現得恰到好處。 本期向大家展示的這件重器宋代黑釉雙係線條罐,一亮相便給觀眾帶來了諸多疑問, 1000年前的古代的工匠,怎么會想出來制作黑釉的罐子?為什么不是純黑的?為什么加了一點白線?然而對於這諸多疑問,專家在節目中作了詳細解答,甚至對 這件線條罐的手工技藝也進行了描述:一般的人以為它的工藝先是拉坯,拉坯完成後是刮。其實它不同於以往工藝,而它的紋飾就好象我們做蛋糕擠花紋,是要一條 一條要擠出來。想解讀如此奇妙的宋代線條罐, 還要在本期節目找答案。 本期做客的三位嘉賓國際電臺的節目主持人柳素英,著名歌手汪正正,影視演員關淩。三位“外行”面對宋代磁州窯黑釉線條雙耳罐。藏寶人護寶出絕招,什么事惹得嘉賓間起紛爭?柳素英、關淩、汪正正三位嘉賓間究竟發生了什么? 一種普通的形制,古代出奇的工藝, 12月11日北京衛視21:35分《天下收藏》為您解讀柔媚流暢的線條罐! (來源:北京衛視官方網站) 2009年《天下收藏》播出时间 首播:北京卫视 星期五 21:35分 重播:北京卫视 星期一 11:05分 BTV-5 星期一 16:12分 BTV-5 星期五 16:12分 BTV-5 星期日 11:58分