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January 31, 2010

MCing the Beijing International Film Festival Fundraiser

Last night I helped MC for the fundraiser for the Beijing International Film Festival held at Casa Seven over at the Worker’s Stadium. Bilingual hosting is always challenging, not just because you have to remember to say everything twice, but also because the rhythm can sometimes be interrupted by your own translations. Really, it would [...]

January 24, 2010

电地暖TV: 美国才女柳素英专访

January 22, 2010

Sam Adams and Lucky Beer: perfect post-theatering brews

After a long night of confirming and organizing things for the ShiFen Festival (Feb 6th, Penghao Theater, near Nanluoguxiang, w00t!) at the theater, Julie and I stopped by the ex-12sqm bar down the street. I’m not sure what the new name of the bar is, but as they’ve expanded and are no longer merely 12 [...]

January 20, 2010

电地暖TV – 美国才女柳素英话剧作品:《绿眼睛识黑汉字》

Here’s a video of my Mandarin play, “Green Eyes on Chinese” that Cheeky Monkey Theater produced last year (2009) at Penghao Theater. I’m working on writing an English version of the play, since its about *learning* Chinese, it would be better if it were accessible to people who were still in the learning process (ie: [...]

January 18, 2010

on modeling gigs for magical weightloss creams in China

The other day, I got cast from afar for a advertisement for some kind of weightloss product. Being cast from afar is never a good thing. I mean, its great in the sense that I didn’t have to waste any time actually going to an audition or costuming, but its bad in that you know [...]

January 17, 2010

柳素英宾馆游玩记:新视频 :) Podcast

Here’s a little travelogue podcast thingy I made over the weekend, went to a rather wacky resort-wannabe hotel up in the boondocks of Beijing. And, due to my recent obsession with Sam Sparro, I used the song Black & Gold as the background music Oh, disclaimer: I’m doing the podcast in my really-lame TV Mandarin, [...]

January 13, 2010

我正在听:黑与金 - Black and Gold (Sam Sparro)

我最近特别爱听Sam Sparro的歌Black and Gold。节奏很好,不是太那个了,但还是可以令人感觉很兴奋。这两天我感冒的很厉害,可没机会休息。一直忙着《十分戏剧节》还有出去拍戏。 最近我模特的工作比较多,需要抓紧机会,对不对?可是一工作,就感冒了。回到家里还不能直接睡觉,得看看剧本,准备资料,跟演员联系等等。但是还好,因为我挺喜欢我的这两种工作。做顽皮猴子戏剧社的创始人不容易,可是让我很开心。所以,老听这首歌让我觉得有毅力坚持下来,可以继续努力的工作! 而且,挺好玩的是我觉得Sam Sparro长的特别像我朋友Nels Frye(费志远 )。他就是Stylites in Beijing的主编。在右边你可以看到他的照片,你们觉得他们俩像吗?呵呵呵。 如果你对Sam Sparro音乐感兴趣 ~ 柳素英 ( Elyse Ribbons )

January 11, 2010

The Last Brunch — International Food Warehouse (IFW)

Lately, the nasty Beijing weather has had me acting the part of a hermit, I haven’t gone to the Cheeky Monkey office in quite a bit, instead working from my cozy JianWai SOHO apartment (and cuddling with my adorable cat, Mafan). Friends invite me out to some happy hour or charity event, whathaveyou, and I [...]

January 9, 2010

舞蹈的魅力 -- 玉不琢不成器,人不学不成才

最近有个朋友请我参加了一个特别有意思的舞蹈活动。他们把现代舞与瑜伽的融合在一起。很有趣,在跳舞的时候,给我的感觉非常新鲜。可以一边开心的跳舞还能享受到瑜伽魅力, 希望以后有更多机会参加这样的活动 跳舞不仅可以锻炼身体,还可以带给我创作的灵感。我正在准备编排二月份《十分戏剧节》的一个舞蹈节目,舞蹈中肯定会用到我在这健身房学到的这些动作。 想了好久,但是我还没想好给这个舞蹈起一个什么样的节目名称,希望可以用一个中文的俗语代表自然界与舞蹈的魅力。网友们,你们有什么想法?不能太复杂了,因为有一半的观众肯定是老外,而且在北京的老外很少会说汉语。也许以后越来越多的老外会说一点中文,但是一般是听不懂电视剧什么的,所以肯定没办法记得一个特别长的中文名字。 我不能再多说太多了。我还有很多很多事情等着我去做(面试演员,看看剧本,安排志愿者,找到赞助等等)。我哪儿有时间老写博客呢?哈哈。拜拜! ~ 小柳 ( Elyse )

January 8, 2010

ShiFenning it up at the Rickshaw — yay buffalo wings!

While its been a crazy-busy day for lots and lots of reasons, it also ended up being a very productive day (the two are not always very compatible, mind you, especially not in the entertainment industry). Recorded my show at CRI with the crazy-wonderful Soojin and Peter. Then met with the lovely Zhao Geyu to [...]