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March 29, 2010

2010年女性新标准: the Ideal Chinese Woman for 2010

So what’s the standard for the ideal Chinese woman? No, its not a hardcore ballerina with a gun (but its close!) According to a popular online joke, the standards for choosing a wife in China are the following: – 上得了厅堂: can entertain guests – 下得了厨房: cook well – 杀得了木马: destroy computer viruses – 翻得了围墙: leap [...]

March 27, 2010

Café at Harvey Nichols Hong Kong – ladies who lunch

A brief trip to Hong Kong to be a supportive partner to my 007 was full of ups and downs, though rough boat trip aside, mostly ups. Once the boys went out for the first day of the Sevens, Ann and I decided to treat ourselves to a proper lunch at the café at Harvey [...]

March 26, 2010 Theater Review – Bian Xing Ji 《变形记》Bian Xing Ji at the SARS Stage at Chaoyang 9 Theater Reviewed by Elyse Ribbons Sitting in the cheerfully decorated small theater on the 4th floor of the Chaoyang 9 Theater compound, the atmosphere was full of expectations. The second part in an ongoing series by Director and Playwright Wu Ran, Bian Xing Ji [...]

March 25, 2010

我的《变形记》的日记 -- 谢谢邹巍!

我前几天看了一个特别好玩的小话剧,在朝阳9个小剧场名字叫《变形记》。我带了我的好朋友邹巍,她是我在中国的同学,现在她是一位中医大夫。 我们一进剧场的就时候感觉很好玩,舞台很简单有几把各种颜色的雨伞,还有一些玫瑰花花瓣撒在地上。看话剧的时候和我的朋友一起哈哈大笑。 我现在有一个专门看中国话剧写英文观后感的一份工作,大家可以点击链接看看我写的英文观后感。 Theater Review – Bian Xing Ji 看完这个剧之后,我特别的想要看这个导演下一部话剧是什么样子的,希望下次还可以继续和我的同学邹巍一起观看哈哈哈哈… 这个剧的风格更像美国的 Saturday Night Live 简单的幽默但是让大家很轻松。 我觉得朝阳9个剧场能有这样的话剧,能支持这样的话剧让我觉得很开心。 ~ 柳素英 ( Elyse ) [ real viagra | viagra in canada | viagra side effects | lowest cost generic viagra | viagra 100 mg | map of france with cialis | how long will viagra last | make [...]

March 24, 2010

Cheeky Monkey Improv – Mandarin style ;)

Last night, I was able to organize the Cheeky Monkey Improv troupe to meet up at a local Dongbei restaurant for dinner and workshopping. I’m trying to test out more games and find out how to make them better for the Beijing audience. Thus far, its been incredibly fun to play with. Improvisational acting is [...]

March 23, 2010

芭蕾式的蒙族舞蹈 – Mongolian Ballet

昨天我在呼和浩特看了很多很有才的舞蹈演员歌手,有一个芭蕾舞团队,给我们跳了一个新版的节目,我偷偷拍了一些照片给大家看。 大家可以看得出来,虽然他们没有穿专门的舞蹈服装,但是他们跳的很有味道,很蒙古,大家看了以后都很用力的鼓掌。 他们基本的舞蹈就像俄罗斯的芭蕾舞一样,但是加了蒙族的风格特点,团队里面的男舞蹈演员超级帅气,而且里面的舞蹈演员都很有性格,期待能看到他们正式的演出。 ~ 柳素英 ( Elyse ) [ cheapest viagra | how long does viagra last | viagra london | overnight viagra | viagra pay after delivery | viagra india | buy gel viagra | buy pfizer viagra in canada | buy gel viagra | herbal viagra wf | free viagra | when [...]

March 21, 2010

back in the modeling act (again) – with help from a friend

Despite my attempts otherwise, I’ve been dragged yet again, into random Chinese modeling gigs. As with many things that I do in China for very very little pay, it was to “help out a friend.” Mind you, the benefit of this particular experience was that I was essentially getting paid (very very little) to hang [...]

March 20, 2010


昨天我和一个好朋友有机会一起合作拍一个广告,原来我不想做因为工资不是很高, 但是仔细想想能和好朋友一起工作还可以一起喝喝咖啡聊聊天也是挺不错的。这个广告是在望京居然之家内,为了表现国际风格,就请了我和几个朋友一起当那个广告中的道具。 你们知道是我那个朋友吗?那就是那个可爱又美丽多次在我的话剧中表演出色的“花凌云”,她这次在这个广告中戴了假发,穿的非常的可爱扮演一个服务员。 我呢!扮演一个外国朋友。 因为代言人是“陈宝国”。他的媳妇在里面也只有一句台词,拍摄的时候转过头来对我说了一句“外国友人”。 我也和陈宝国合影了,但是我现在也不知道在谁的相机里面,以后上传个大家看看, 陈宝国和他媳妇在拍摄的时候很安静,很少说话。 大家都和他们合影。但是还好和其她的女孩聊得很投机,我觉得中国女孩很厉害很有头脑。 ~ 柳素英 ( Elyse ) [ heart attack viagra | female viagra response | what color is viagra | buy generic viagra | viagra next day delivery | how viagra works | cialis no prescription | hydrochlorothiazide cialis | sildenafil citrate 100mg plus | cheap cialis levitracom [...]

March 19, 2010

On the Importance of Playing with Language: Robots!

Just a random little fun note about the role that playwrights have in creating language. Everyone knows that Shakespeare blatantly *made up* lots of words, which is one of the reasons his works are so much fun. The ability to take language and mess with rhythms and pronunciation is one of the reasons I like [...]

March 18, 2010


上周末下雪的很厉害,我星期天一大早起床,我最不喜欢的就是周末一大早起床出去开会,但是没办法为了艺术。我和世博会内蒙团队看看要不要合作,所以一开始我特别的不愿意起床,但是后来很开心和他们聊得很好。 我很开心给大家报道世博会,里面有我安排的一段歌舞剧。这个歌舞剧非常有特点,歌剧有一点像百老汇的类型。但是描写的是一个内蒙的男孩去上海打工,去上海打工叫什么? 因为我知道在北京打工叫“北漂”,我也属于北漂一族。但是在上海打工呢?叫“上漂”吗? 我还特别想学一些关于内蒙的音乐和舞蹈,舞蹈太漂亮了,当然要学习地道蒙舞需要先学习蒙语,我知道这个很难,大家知道哪里或者是网站可以更好的学习蒙语告诉给我把! 开完会喝完美味的奶茶之后,我不愿意直接回到家里。我先陪我朋友去北京展览馆,在西直门附近,正好有一个游乐园的展览会。 在展览会我玩的特别的开心,玩了很多的游戏,让我觉得以后有很多的机会合作。 最后我还试了试蹦极。你们想知道我跳的怎么样?我不就是跳的高高的,我还在空中翻转呢!厉害吧!周围的人都是给我加油鼓掌,开心死我了。玩结束以后我很幸运的打到出租车,下那么大的雪,大家知道出租车是最难打到的。但是我很幸运打到车了,这应该怎么说我幸运呢!“天助我也”可以这么说吗?好吧, 我不在说废话了,我要开始准备关于世博会内蒙的歌舞剧了。 ~ 柳素英 ( Elyse ) [ female viagra uk | purchase viagra online | viagra buy viagra | where to purchase viagra | viagra tablets | viagra effects on women | buy viagra on the internet | viagra generic | viagra young men | viagra levitra | [...]