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April 7, 2010

Cheeky Monkey’s First Improv Show 玩皮猴子第一个即兴表演

The first official show of Cheeky Monkey Improv this past Saturday at Club Obiwan was a huge success (modesty aside, ha). It was all incredibly last minute, but thankfully we had been rehearsing a lot lately since we knew that once I started working on the Carmen project at The Egg that I’d be unavailable [...]

April 5, 2010

Baseballing in Beijing thanks to MLB

After a lovely brunch this ‘morning’ with a new friend at The Vineyard, I ended up changing my plans and heading out to check out the MLB Baseball Park they set up at the Solana mall for the holiday weekend. (Monday is Qingming Jie, or “Tomb-sweeping Day”). I had a *great* time goofing around with [...]

April 3, 2010

Freaky-Deaky Chinese Blondes 金发中国女孩

I stumbled across these images the other day whilst procrastinating on my sina weibo homepage. The photographer is a friend of a friend (or something) and I was amused at how odd the images looked. And no, not just the eyes like evil china dolls (haha, great pun there, eh?) but how odd it looks [...]


Heads in the sand: The Global Times

Heads in the sand * Source: Global Times * [23:45 March 28 2010] By Elyse Ribbons Springtime has finally arrived in Beijing, and with it the looming presence of sandstorms. After a winter with the heaviest snows in memory, most long-term Beijing residents were pleased with the change of seasons, momentarily forgetting what spring really [...]

April 1, 2010

玩皮猴子即兴表演 Cheeky Monkey Improv

In celebration of April Fools Day I have finally finished creating the Cheeky Monkey Improv website. We have our very first “formal” show this weekend (yay!) at Club Obiwan. Saturday afternoon at 3:00pm. And its FREE! So you should definitely come and check it out if you can