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April 3, 2010

Freaky-Deaky Chinese Blondes 金发中国女孩

I stumbled across these images the other day whilst procrastinating on my sina weibo homepage. The photographer is a friend of a friend (or something) and I was amused at how odd the images looked. And no, not just the eyes like evil china dolls (haha, great pun there, eh?) but how odd it looks [...]


Heads in the sand: The Global Times

Heads in the sand * Source: Global Times * [23:45 March 28 2010] By Elyse Ribbons Springtime has finally arrived in Beijing, and with it the looming presence of sandstorms. After a winter with the heaviest snows in memory, most long-term Beijing residents were pleased with the change of seasons, momentarily forgetting what spring really [...]