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April 9, 2010

Random photos from Carmen 卡门 – Gypsy style Tablediving!

我最近一直在忙国家大剧院的一个项目,我加入了《卡门》的创作团队。别问……?我不是演歌剧的舞蹈演员,哈哈。我是做舞台后面的,我应该算是副副副导。实际上我的工作很简单就是帮助从美国过来的导演翻译什么的。天天上班当然很辛苦,但是也挺好玩,天天可以学到很多新的东西比如舞蹈、唱歌、等等。歌剧比话剧难度的多!好吧,我不再说了,我得好好休息。晚安! So my life has recently been eaten up by the most amazingly fun and hardcore project: Carmen. The Opera. Yes, an opera. Its like a play, a musical, dance and ginormous set design all thrown into one. Opera is kind of like normal theater on steroids. Its awesome. Its crazy. Its stressful. And beautiful. [...]