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May 24, 2010

the sleepy swirling colors of actors passed out onstage

There have been many times during my 8 year tenure in China when I have to stop and remind myself why exactly I am putting myself through these various trials and tribulations. Mind you, I did go to a boarding school for high school that was called the NC School of S&M so obviously these [...]

May 23, 2010

Opening Ceremonies for Inner Mongolia Week at the Expo

Rehearsals today went incredibly well, despite the fact that the dance troupe was exhausted from an 18 hour train ride from Hohhot. They are *such* a great group of dancers, incredibly talented and a lot of fun to work with That, and I just adore the Mongolian shoulder movements they do! Hehe. Now here’s hoping [...]

May 22, 2010

pink hats and shanghai expos

We’ve finally made it down to to the expo, yay! This wasn’t as easy as it might seem. I waited standby in Hohhot and thanks to the patience of the director, I actually managed to convince them to sell me a ticket and got onto the airplane just in the nick of time. Here’s the [...]

May 20, 2010

takin the peace train down to Shanghai《心之恋》rehearsals

For out on the edge of darkness There runs the peace train Peace train take this country Come take me home again Peace train sounding louder Ride on the peace train Come on the peace train Peace train’s a holy roller Everyone jump upon the peace train ~ Cat Stevens Rehearsals are over and the [...]



今天是最后的排练,之后大家都准备坐火车或者飞机分别去上海。世博会的演出肯定会特别成功。最少我对我们这个歌舞剧很有自信。 《心之恋》是一部非常有意思的歌舞剧,因为音乐是把百老汇与蒙古族的综合起来。很遗憾我们还没有弄好了一个光盘,要不然我可以给你们预览听一 听。我第一次听到《心之恋》的歌,我特别喜欢了。我根本没想到呼麦能那么顺利了加入歌舞剧里!:) 歌舞剧里的的服装也很特别!我自己很想要订一套,你们建议我应该选什么颜色?我正在考虑选浅蓝色,像内蒙古的天空一样。 我希望还会有机会去呼市演一部我自己的话剧,也许是《绿眼睛识黑汉字》或者我得写一个新的。最少我已经认识很多内蒙古的非常有才气的演员,呵呵。我不能再说了,先要收拾收拾东西。我们今晚要离开美丽的内蒙。

May 19, 2010

light like laughter on the stage of my heart

Its been a crazy ride thus far… rehearsals in Hohhot are coming to an end and I’m finally getting around to answering the thousands of emails that I have piling up in my inbox. Not all of them, of course, but the easy ones, ha. There’s still a lot to do before the show opens [...]


Mongolian dancing, American directing, Shanghai Expo-ing ;)

Here’s a random photo from rehearsals for the musical (called The Promise) we’re prepping for Inner Mongolia Week at the Shanghai World Expo (starts on May 24th!!). And yes, that’s a random Shanghai-esque skyline you see with the golden arches on the backdrops, ha. Its looking to be a really fantastic show, something that I’m [...]

May 18, 2010

花儿为什么这样红… 红和蓝呵呵 :)

我之前没有专门学过蒙族民族舞,但是这两天都有机会研究这些舞蹈,使我对这种舞蹈了解的越来越多。舞姿特别的好看,而且内容非常丰富。你看,下面的男孩子跳的特别高!真了不起!:) 我很喜欢蒙族的经典服装。比如这两种。。。裙子?女的是红色男的是蓝色。特别是跳舞的时候,舞蹈演员做转身动作,裙子会飘起来了,都像一朵花一样。 让我想起来那首歌… 花儿为什么这样红。到底是谁唱的?多么好听,但是我都忘了是哪个歌手。这算是一种民歌吗?对了,我还要找点时间 好好儿学习怎么唱蒙族长调。我这次在呼市也认识了几个老师。只有一个问题:我什么时候有时间学啊!


我要编舞内蒙活动周的开幕式的舞蹈节目 :)

I don’t have time to write much… but these dancers are *amazing* I just love working with them. I just found out that I get to choreograph the show for the opening ceremony for the whole of the Inner Mongolian Week at the Expo! And… the best part is that I get to play with [...]

May 17, 2010

内蒙式的柳素英 — Mongolian-style Elyse ;)

我这次来内蒙玩的特别开心。其实不能说是玩应该说是工作。我正在准备世博会的内蒙古活动周的歌舞剧《承诺》。 这个歌舞剧是关于一个内蒙男孩去上海工作(农民变成白领)去上海之前他承诺了他第二年会回到内蒙跟他的女朋友结婚。但是他会不会回去内蒙结婚呢!我暂不告 诉你,你应该亲自过来看看演出吧!;) 在呼和浩特工作开心而且很好玩,饭菜也超级好吃!你们应该都已经知道我很爱吃内蒙的炒米,但是内蒙的羊肉和野菜也非常好吃!还好我天天都要 跳舞,要不然我怕我会发胖,呵呵。 我在呼市过得很好可是我还有一个遗憾:我还没机会骑马。反正这次没机会。有朋友跟我说我下次来一定要去呼伦贝尔大草原,他要给我一匹马,哈哈。内蒙古太好了! ~ 柳素英 ( Elyse )