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June 30, 2010

on how diving is so amazing, it makes up for seasickness

After a ridiculously long time away from one of my biggest passions, I finally got a chance to get back on the horse boat and went scuba diving in the Andaman Sea off the coast of Phuket, Thailand Now, everyone talks about Summertime in Thailand as being the rainy season, but I thought that this [...]

June 29, 2010

lobster dog, a new market strategy?

I’ve obviously lived in China too long. I saw this image on boingboing and my first thought was: Ah, so in an attempt to enliven the beleaguered fishing industry in the Gulf area they are now dressing dogs up as lobsters — mmm tasty! But really, dog meat isn’t good for summertime consumption (too much [...]

June 28, 2010

IHBJ: Pick Up Lines

More I Heart Beijing Comics Here

June 24, 2010

Under Heaven: book talk at The Bookworm

Last night Ted and I went to a book talk at The Bookworm and I have to admit that I walked in a completely blank slate (please, don’t let the blond hair fool you, I’m a giant bookworm) and was blown away by the (admittedly mostly Canadian – at least, as far as their accents [...]

June 23, 2010

Vietnamese food, girl night, film fest parties and… HOOTERS

Last night was a blast, it had been a looong day of meetings at the Huatuo offices (being a corporate executive is hard work!). I was surprisingly productive (its been a slow period for me) but had the most wonderful evening to look forward to that the day practically flew by. With the exception of [...]

June 22, 2010

IHBJ: Karaoke and Lightbulbs

June 21, 2010

World Cup Thuggery at an Irish Pub in Beijing

Its a rare thing to be standing around in the streets of Beijing with a gaggle of other Americans shouting out “U-S-A!” at the top of our lungs, but it certainly is a joy Last week’s game against Slovenia was amazingly fun, though I did often feel guilty about being so brashly American with three [...]

June 18, 2010

看世界杯 读男人的多面性 《北京青年报》

2010/06/17 04:04 来源 北青网 北京青年报 宋翔 Beijing Youth Daily ■摄影/本报记者 贾婷 2002年,在北京学中文的美国姑娘柳素英(Elyse Ribbons)第一次看世界杯,当时她20岁。在三里屯的酒吧,几乎每个晚上,她都和中国的朋友,吃着小菜,喝着啤酒,喊着“中国队,加油!”“疯狂, 太疯狂了。”她说。 之后的8年,柳素英在中国生活。她当品牌代言人、做主持、演电影,现在还做话剧,忙得不亦乐乎。“再忙,也得看世 界杯啊。”出生在美国的柳素英一口京腔,她说,世界杯就像是一个舞台,在这里,她看到了男人们的多面性:狂喜时不顾一切;愤怒时剑拔弩张;哀愁时落泪啜 泣;欢乐时仰天长啸。 ■话剧PK世界杯 柳素英属猴,她说自己的性格就像小猴子。“反正不喜欢闲着。”于是,柳素 英在不同的角色之间穿梭。一会儿在《嘉人》杂志做模特,一会儿又在2008年北京残奥会宣传片中扮演主持人,再一会儿又在加拿大电影《Fearless From Red China》中演起了女一号……现在,她的身份是顽皮猴子戏剧社的演员,同时也是世界杯的球迷。 “拍广告,演电视 剧、电影,做主持人都是玩,戏剧才是我最喜欢的,也是最初的梦想,”柳素英说,“话剧和世界杯一样,在我的眼里,都有一个背景,都有演员,都有观众。各种 表情、各种动作融合在一起,很过瘾。” 柳素英白天要抽时间排练话剧,晚上要熬到很晚看世界杯。在这场话剧PK世界杯的比赛中,柳素英 说,两个方面最后会打成平手。“我做话剧的嘛,只要安排好时间,晚上肯定来得及看世界杯。” ■草根And 足球 足球在美国并不是很火的运动,以至于Football在美国的意思是橄榄球,而不是足球(Soccer)。于是,和美国女足明星米娅·哈姆是校友的柳素 英,在2002年之前,还从来没看过一场世界杯的比赛。但自从来到中国、被北京的球迷熏陶后,她成了足球的粉丝。 “你就需要一个球, 然后很多人都可以去踢它。气氛很好,很草根。”柳素英说得很陶醉,“之前在美国,看世界杯的人群不多,但现在我在北京,感受到另外一种气氛。酒吧啊,饭馆 啊,都是人,他们看球,一起大叫。这种环境下,让其他的人也融入了进来,不管你之前是不是球迷,这个时候你不可能抗拒这种力量。” 柳 素英说,她被北京的足球环境和氛围“同化”了之后,现在变成一到世界杯、尤其是美国队比赛时,就会喝着啤酒、吃着肉串,不顾一切地对着电视狂喊。还有,在 比赛之后,她会在自己的微博上第一时间表达心情,和其他国家的球迷一起评头论足,乐此不疲。

June 16, 2010

IHBJ: Beer Paws

I know its been awhile, but I finally got inspired enough to cook up another random (and perhaps even slightly funny this time?) I Heart Beijing comic strip. Based on a series of lame jokes that my adorable little brother has been amusing folks with for the past couple of weeks. Thanks to David Jacobi, [...]

June 15, 2010

Carolina Review Article! :)

Beijing ‘Chinglish’ Theater Finds Humor Where West Meets China Carolina Review May/June 2010 The beauty of living in China as a starving artist, says Elyse Ribbons ’03, is that you never actually have to starve because food is so cheap. You can set up your life around the arts and know you’re still going to [...]