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August 30, 2010

Literary Death Match Beijing August 31, 2010

Beijing August 31, 2010 Wednesday, July 21, 2010 at 8:11AM Literary Death Match Beijing’s debut episode last April at The Bookworm Beijing was such a smash hit, it inspired us to keep going global. Now, with five international cities under our belt, we’re back in Beijing with a ridiculously talent-rich lineup featuring all-star judges Gady Epstein [...]

August 29, 2010

a proper Mongolian welcome – yay Wuhai! :)

Posted this on my Sina Twitter account and got some *very* amusing responses… best one of course is the Oreo reference.

August 17, 2010


最近我去内蒙呼和浩特主持了《第十一届中国·呼和浩特昭君文化节》的活动,去年我也主持了这个晚会。这次让我感觉印象比较深,更加喜欢中国少数民族的传统文化,我特别的喜欢晚会上他们唱的蒙族歌曲、跳蒙族的欢快舞蹈。 当天晚上表演了很多地地道道的蒙古舞蹈,很多是我从来没有看到过的,他们穿着非常漂亮、五颜六色的蒙古服装跳舞。他们的蒙古舞蹈是那样的美丽,和我们平时看到的舞蹈非常的不一样,也和我以前知道的完全不一样。如果你看他们的舞蹈可以感觉到蒙古人的热情、奔放、豪爽。晚会上还有唱了很多的歌曲,有很流行的歌曲,也有一些蒙古歌曲。但是我觉得最好听的还是很帅的蒙古小伙子唱的歌曲,不管是唱蒙古歌曲还是流行歌曲,你都可以感觉到非常的不一样。听他们唱歌好像感觉到你站在一望无际的大草原上一样,非常的舒服也很难忘记。 在后台我一有机会就会和他们聊天,请他们教我跳蒙古舞蹈,那些姑娘和小伙子都很好很热心的教我。还有他们蒙古的名字让我一直记不住,在蒙古生活的汉族人也很难记住,因为我是老外记不住也不能算是不礼貌的吧!我自己很喜欢内蒙,也和内蒙古有很多的缘分我有好多很好的朋友是内蒙人,还有我的干妈也是内蒙人。就想起中国人经常说的一句话“上辈子我就是一个地地道道的内蒙人” 所以我对内蒙感觉是那样的熟悉和热爱。内蒙也好像是我的第二个老家一样。也有很多的活动机会让我经常来呼和浩特看看我的“第二个老家” 在呼和浩特让我印象最深的还有蒙古美食,你可以大口吃肉大口喝酒。(虽然我不能喝那么多的酒)所以现在我每次去呼和浩特的时候,我都吃很多很多的菜和肉,回北京以后我再开始减肥呵呵…. 但是这也让我觉得自己很幸福有机会吃到这么美味的蒙古菜。这里不像在北京,每个人都是那么热情好客,让你觉得像是回到自己的家里一样没有陌生感。我个人一直觉得中国有很多的少数民族文化,他们的文化是那么的特别,中国应该多多的保护他们的文化。这样的文化如果慢慢丢失了太可惜了,应该有更多的机会让全世界的人知道他们的文化。如果有机会我希望自己可以帮助他们宣传他们的特色文化,让更多的人知道并了解。

August 15, 2010

insert random modeling shoot photos here

The hair stylist was having waaay too much fun with my hair. I was having fun. (but then again, what girl doesn’t like “makeeng love to zee camerah”?)

August 13, 2010

Backstage Boho — the glam Elyse Ribbons look (or something)

So I recently caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror while waiting for the elevator before another one of these gala shows I was hosting in Inner Mongolia and couldn’t help giggling at myself. I’m used to people looking at my strangely (what, a whitey speaking Chinese?!) that I guess it hadn’t occurred to [...]

August 12, 2010

Houhai’ed and theatrically-sated (if ever so briefly)

Last night I went to see “The Last Struggle” at the National Theater (aka: The Egg) with the lovely Viola and really really enjoyed myself. Sure, there were places I could critique the play — the biggest of which was when they turned on the house lights about halfway through to film the Senior Chinese [...]

August 11, 2010

on writing and directing voices for a rabbit-y cartoon

I’d like to blame Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs on my latest project acceptance: a cartoon! After watching the cheerily cheeky aforementioned film, I thought ‘Gee, wouldn’t it be fun to be in a cartoon? And SO much easier than filming an actual movie!’ and well, here I am! Got a phone call when [...]

August 6, 2010

as a sexy secretary for a bank commercial 职业女性柳素英

Spent this morning at a study in the northern outback of Beijing’s Haidian District filming a silly little commercial for the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China 工商银行. I think I’m meant to be a sexy secretary and/or corporate executive (is there a difference?). I mean, from a costuming perspective, of course. Ha. But still [...]