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December 29, 2010

Greening the Beige点废成绿-cheekymonkeytheater

Here we have a brief snippet of the Ribbons Siblings duet we did to the Twin’s song “Moscow Has No Tears” (莫斯科没有眼泪) from the Greening the Beige event at Yugong Yishan in November. A shame they didn’t keep on filming, the funniest part was the skit at the end of the song (where Ted and [...]

December 27, 2010

Year-end meet-up for chocolate aficionados: Beijing Today

Beijing Today By Liang Meilan Chocolate has traditionally been a cold-weather confectionary, so what better time than now for a cocoa-themed gathering? ChocoJing, a chocolate appreciation society initiated by Elyse Ribbons in 2007, is hosting a meet-up next Sunday, December 26, at the grand opening of CC Sweet, a new pastry shop in town. The [...]

December 21, 2010

Star Theater’s One Year Anniversary 繁星剧场开办一周年

In the midst of buying enormous amounts of food (and then proceeding to cook enormous amounts of food!) and other preparations for one of my favorite American holidays, Thanksgiving, I also managed to have time to steal away to attend the Star Theater complex’s One Year Anniversary event. They’re now doing some cool stuff with [...]

December 18, 2010

Morally compromising advertising… a model’s life in China

So I recently showed up for a modeling gig (uninformed about the exact nature of what I was modeling, typical) to discover that it was for another weight loss product (skin whitening and weight loss are definitely two of the big ones). Go figure. The creepy thing about this particular weight loss product was that [...]

December 17, 2010

Deck the Halls with Cheeky Monkey

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December 16, 2010

Cotton Candy and Champange Brunches

*** whoops, just realized I never published after drafting it *** (from a fantastic champagne brunch I went to this Summer… wow, I need to treat myself to another champagne brunch soon, its been waaaay too long, and I need to get my cotton candy quota filled, hehe)

December 15, 2010

TEDWomen Beijing with Yang Lan

The first ever TEDWomen will be held in Washington, DC on December 7th and 8th. This global event will feature prominent speakers from around the world exploring the question: how are women and girls reshaping the world? Yang Lan, Chinese businesswoman and talk show host, will be addressing TEDWomen live from the Beijing studio of [...]

December 14, 2010

MCing for GtB’s Eco-Fashion Show at Migas :)

Last weekend saw the debut of my little brother (the adorable gentleman in the even more adorable hat pictured below) as an MC as we co-hosted the Eco-Fashion Show for Greening the Beige. We had a great time dancing to some great tunes (thanks to the DJ Nacho). The green fashion was novel in concept [...]

December 13, 2010


2010-12-08 11:16:17 China Radio International CRI  来源:国际在线专稿  编辑:张雪梅 ***** 柳素英,她来自美国,聪明热情,活泼开朗,擅长写作、表演和歌舞,除母语英语外她还能讲流利的的汉语及一般流利的西班牙语和法语。 2001年柳素英来中国学习汉语并由此与中国结缘,2003年起至今一直居住在北京。 她于 2007年创办了自己顽皮猴子戏剧社,为北京的戏剧舞台添加了一个崭新的元素。 在顽皮猴子里她既是台下的充满创意的导演和编剧,也是台上倍受观众喜爱的演员。 >>>>详情点击 老美学京剧:我没中国女孩柔软,也没中国男孩强   大家知道我对中国的京剧特别的感兴趣,今天我终于坐在中国戏曲学院的教室里开始了我对京剧的研究学业。   今天是我第一天上京剧的舞蹈课,和西方的舞蹈课一点都不一样。第一天上课我很紧张有点担心,因为这个班里的学生都很小,我是年龄最大的一个。担心自己什么都做不好,什么都不懂。京剧舞蹈一点都不会,后来在上课的时候我才知道我不是最差的,因为我一直在跳舞,所以有很强的基本功。只是跳的舞蹈形式不太一样。我发现了我不像中国女孩那样柔软,也不像中国男孩那么强,我觉得正好在中间。我很高兴周围有那么多很好的同学愿意帮助我这个老外。   上课的时候才知道我们跳舞蹈动作的时候和在美国不一样。我在美国的时候学习芭蕾舞是非常柔软的,手势非常优美,好像欢迎你一样。可是在京剧里面舞蹈是非常硬有力的,手势也是非常强有一种防备的感觉,真的太不一样了。上课的时候有点像在部队训练军人一样,也许是因为学习芭蕾舞的时候老师在用法语骂人,现在老师用中文骂人……在学习一个舞蹈动作的时候我的脖子受伤了,现在我只能抬头低头不能左右扭动。真的很痛苦。我终于明白为什么中国人说学习京剧要从娃娃抓起。   虽然现在我的身体很疼很不舒服,但是我还是很期待下一次的课堂。   柳素英:生活在中国 照片: peking opera class in black and white

December 11, 2010

WuForce at Capital M (and afternoon tea)

A couple weeks ago (scary-crazy how quickly time is flying by for me lately… I’d like to think this isn’t just because I’m now 30, but rather because my MFA course schedule + work schedule is ‘crazy bad’ haha) I joined my good friend Mark Levine (and fellow Abigail Washburn fan) to check out the [...]