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April 30, 2011

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-30

RT @ptreporter: 笑死! RT @citrusoil: 皇室接吻这张照片里的小女孩出名了,这才叫抢戏! #royalwedding — luv the look on lil girl's face! # Detroit's Abandoned Theaters via @huffingtonpost (ok, I'm gonna stop complaining about the state of Beijing theaters) # RT @ELLEmagazine: Karl Lagerfeld dips Baptiste in chocolate – something is very wrong when chocolate creeps me out # [...]

April 25, 2011

Easter Brunch: Mostly Chocolate, Some Zombies

As far as I can tell, Easter is a celebration of several things, the coming of Spring and some religious stuff. Which pretty just equals out to chocolate bunnies and zombies. And while I didn’t get a zombie movie night organized in time, we were able to find a sacrificial chocolate bunny to celebrate the [...]

April 23, 2011

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-23

back in Beijing (!!!) with a functioning net connection (for now?) and vpn (yay!). celebrating by staying in, making dinner and relaxing # @wesunruh is this legal?! in reply to wesunruh # new fav word, melismatic (A passage of several notes sung to one syllable of text, as in chant or Peking Opera) #京剧 #花唱 [...]

April 18, 2011

IHBJ: Cornered Blonde

Elyse, kicking a Buddhist monk’s butt!

So yes, in the most recent of the ridiculous movies I’ve filmed in China, 《无忧之城》(I have no idea what their official English title is, but it roughly translates to “City of No Worries”) I play an evil laowai spy, working for aliens, and evidently am fully trained in the arts of buddhist monk whoop-ass. The [...]

April 16, 2011

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-16

Just saw monk warrior stunt double dropped on his head during action scene, proof that my "no wires" stunt policy is good. Hope he's ok # Barely survived most haranguing filming experience ever: filming in central fountain square during the main Dai water festival @ Jinghong 云南 # @wisebartender you should totally put that on [...]

April 15, 2011

Introducing the Laowai Stars of 《无忧之城》

From left to right: Elyse, Jimi, Ted, and Ira Don’t be taken in by our lackadaisical air and smiling faces. We may look fun and happy and whatnot, but really we are killer spies working for evil aliens that want to steal magical Chinese artifacts from innocent Buddhist monks. (and now for a normal picture)

April 14, 2011

Out in the wildernesses of Yunnan…

… filming a sci fi alien apocalypse movie. But wacky photos from set are alas unavailable right now (I forgot my camera chord, so I’ve only got photos from the first day here). There’s also no net connection in the village we are staying in… of course though, there’s a karaoke bar! Yay! (not!). The [...]

April 9, 2011

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-09

@stinson definitely "moonshine with Chinese characteristics" in reply to stinson # RT @TIME (via @Techland) Old people are harmless But deep down inside they just want to take your Internet away from you # @twiitea actually, I personally am a big fan of Zhou Enlai, he was an amazing statesman. in reply to twiitea [...]

April 8, 2011

April CMT Improv 四月份的玩皮猴子即兴表演

photo by Carl McLarty, official photographer for Cheeky Monkey PS: Also, don’t forget to check out the CMT Improv T-Shirt competition on!