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February 15, 2012

Laptop Fail on the Nightly News

Before the WAB career day this afternoon, I squeezed in a guest appearance on a news show to discuss the wealth gap in modern economies (an issue that China is struggling to deal with before bigger problems appear). It was the first time I’ve been allowed to discuss in depth the Occupy Wall Street movement. [...]

February 11, 2012

Despite the Chaos — a Successful Charity Auction :)

As I briefly posted yesterday, I decided to start off my weekend with a real bang by emceeing a charity bachelor and bachelorette auction and *wow* what a crazy-fun night! Admittedly while the lighting and sound system were less than sub-par (not gonna complain too much, Zeta did sponsor and evidently nobody there knows how [...]

February 10, 2012

Beijing’s Bachelors and Bachelorettes up for Auction

So, still recovering from my amazing trip to Yunnan and the blueish haze of my ancient Chinese poetry retreat… I am now getting ready for the charity auction tonight at the Zeta Bar at the Hilton. Its going to be a great event, I am emcee-ing and I hear tell that the event is already [...]

February 5, 2012


第二天我学了两首诗,其中一首是宋代女词人李清照的词≪声声慢≫。非常美,引起我极大的兴趣,我希望多了解李清照及其时代背景。网友们能否给我推荐一些相关的资料。另外要是你们知道哪些好的诗朗诵MP3也请推荐给我。谢谢!(图片是我以前拍的皮影美女的照片呵呵 [ viagra alternative | how long does viagra last | brand drug generic name viagra | discount canadian cialis | indian sildenafil citrate | cheap viagra uk | viagra jokes | how much does viagra cost | where can i buy illegal viagra | levitra versus viagra | natural viagra alternative | cialis price [...]

February 4, 2012

贺知章 ≪咏柳≫

碧玉妆成一树高, 万条垂下绿丝绦, 不知细叶谁裁出, 二月春风似剪刀。 ~ 贺知章 ≪咏柳≫ (don’t mess with the spring winds… cut you like a knife! — or an ax?) [ viagra picture | viagra online cod | chinese herbal viagra | viagra info | viagra in spain | discount canadian cialis | buy viagra cheap | cialis samples | viagra order | [...]

February 3, 2012


今天是我第一天使用这种方式学习中文。希望可以全心全意地学习中文。当然我的中文水平已经足够可以进行一定的交流了,但是还有进步的余地。因为我的白人面孔,很多中国人都会说"哇塞,你的中文太棒了"可是如果我是华人的话肯定会挨骂。我们美国人特别看重平等,我不想用肤色这个借口来逃避学习的压力 [ viagra sample | levitra viagra | order viagra | pal pay pill viagra | viagra online kaufen | buy viagra no prescription | 50 mg cialis dose | how much does viagra cost | is viagra safe for women | alternative viagra drug | uk pharmacies cheap viagra | online doctor viagra [...]