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November 30, 2012


“梦幻天桥,世界舞台”大型综艺晚会昨日在北京西城区天桥剧场拉开帷幕,晚会由主持人白燕升,柳素英(美国)等主持。前来助阵献唱的有周笔畅、李玉刚、沙宝亮等多位优秀歌手、演员,及杂技团、魔术团等都带来了十分精彩的表演。   整场晚会分为四个篇章:乐动天桥、型动天桥、声动天桥、万象天桥,当然,最令人瞩目和期待的是第一章乐动天桥。舞台中间曹芙嘉身着红色连衣裙,气质高贵、优雅,一首《相亲相爱》掀起了整场晚会的高潮,犹如一场趣味横生的大Party。随后又献上” 梦幻天桥,世界舞台“大型综艺晚会主题曲—《天桥谣》,此曲欢快、激昂、温暖、奋进,曹芙嘉用醇厚、大气而不失细腻的歌声感染着现场的每一位观众,赢来阵阵掌声和欢呼。在随后的型动天桥、声动天桥和万象天桥篇章中,精彩不断,高潮跌宕起伏。   晚会最后,戴玉强的一首《今夜无人入睡》将整场晚会画上了圆满句号。

November 29, 2012


The final stop on my month-long tour-de-madness was in lovely Shanghai, where I decided that Skyfall was a lie (seriously, no way Bond could have kept such a cool calm look on his face if he were driving from the airport into town!). It was a weekend of insanity, as per usual with the Huatuo [...]

November 28, 2012

I’m ba-ack! (from a ridiculously wonderful/stressful month)

I finally sat down and unpacked my suitcases yesterday (two of them, one for domestic travel and one for international — the international significantly larger so that I can smuggle back quinoa and granola bars!) and… wow. I realized I have been in 8 different cities in the last month (several of them twice!) and [...]

November 5, 2012

Vote For Elyse!!!

Dearest Fellow Americans, Please go out and vote today. I know its a hassle, and maybe you’re feeling a wee bit apathetic, but surely there is even a local city or state official that you’d like to support? Living in China has taught me many, many things, but most of all how lucky we are [...]

November 4, 2012《美国那点事儿》 第三期:美国为什么不禁枪? 《美国那点事儿》 第三期:美国为什么不禁枪? I had the opportunity to be a guest on the Tencent (ie: -- China’s interwebbing monopoly with 450 million users!) series “Meiguo na dian shi’er” to discuss some of the more controversial points in upcoming election. This show is about gun rights in America – I had to be tactful when [...]