Spring Festival Drama: February Concerts, Dance & Theatre in Beijing

By Ellen Schliebitz, www.eChinacities.com

In terms of theatre, one of the most exciting events in Beijing this February is the Shifen Theatre Festival (十分戏剧节) at the Penghao Theatre. “Shifen” which means ten minutes in Chinese, is so called because all performances are ten minutes or less. The festival is hosted by Cheeky Monkey theatre, a company set up by Beijing expat Elyse Ribbons, that seeks to bridge the gap between cultural differences and misunderstandings that so frequently happen between foreigners and Chinese. The festival includes modern dance performances, traditional plays, Peking opera and avant-garde performances in a variety of languages. One of the reasons why Cheeky Monkey theatre productions are rapidly gaining popularity is because it is about the only theatre company in Beijing that simultaneously addresses Chinese and foreign audiences. Though the exact dates have not yet been confirmed, stay tuned to their website for the latest info.


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