ChocoJinging our very own Chocolate Truffles!

This month, ChocoJing is very happy to bring in the Year of the Tiger with an evening of chocolate-making that will leave you giddy (from both the truffles and the chocolate liquors, hehe). And, as per usual, there is a limit to the number of participants, 20 at the most, so please RSVP to reserve a space!

Lin Zhong of The Fig Tree has kindly invited ChocoJing to have a private class and learn how to make chocolate truffles from scratch!

Weds March 10th @ 7:30pm
. 3月10日 @ 7:30
ChaoWai SOHO Bldg A Unit 702 #6B
朝外SOHO A座 7F 702室
Please RSVP to confirm! :)


本月巧克京欣喜地带来虎年令人眼花缭乱的巧克力制作之夜(从truffles*面饼和巧克力酒, 呵呵). 同以往一样, 参加人数有限, 为20人, 请回复以便预定位置!

The Fig Tree的Lin Zhong诚邀巧克京参加一项私人课程, 从开始阶段学习制作巧克力面饼! 课程成本为100元, 此举无异于”窃”! (这个价钱你根本无法从别处尝到新鲜的面饼!) : )

~ Elyse 柳素英

and in other news, Oprah (obviously a ChocoJinger at heart) had her entire set recreated in chocolate a couple weeks ago… evidently Godiva sponsored this undertaking… I wonder if maybe they’d be interested in sponsoring a ChocoJing some day…? :) Either way, just thought I’d share that I’m not the only chocolate-fiend out there, hehe.

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