Truffled up in Love (and Chocolate, of course!)

Last week, the first ChocoJing of the Year of the Tiger started out with a very happy purr indeed, as we gathered around the beautifully immaculate kitchen at The Fig Tree for our first class in truffle-making.

As I’d had to trek halfway across the city from the Huatuo offices way out in Haidian (deceptively referred to as being part of Beijing proper, I think Haidian is actually in a different province), I was a wee bit late, so I missed the beginning of the class. But, fortunately, Lin Zhong the master pastry chef and proprietress of The Fig Tree, was more than happy to help me catch up.

Ultimately, the class in truffling (sorry, I can’t help playing with this word!) was the perfect way to de-stress from a long day of work, most of which was spent on the subway in commute ;p Once I got started licking the molten chocolate goop off my fingers, all my worries fell away, and I was drowning in a sea of chocolatey magic. Wow, just thinking about it and I’m drooling again ;)

And I wasn’t the only one covered in cocoa cacophony, Ian Reed (pictured left) was adorable in chocolate powder. As he’s in the middle of preparations for a production of “Shakespeare’s Reveries” (up in April, click here for tickets I’m sure he was enjoying the chocolate-induced stress relief as well. ;) Speaking of stressiness: I should get back to work, toodles y’all!

~ Elyse ( 柳素英 )

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  1. Pam says:

    Mmmmmmm…. truffles!

  2. juhuacha says:

    surprisingly easy to make (and super-tasty, of course) ;)

  3. Kenneth Bermel says:

    Hey – I was just tooling around the web and came across the I Heart Beijing site… good to see you’re keeping the blog going.

    Is there another Chocojing event in the works? Possibly one that is closer than Eastern Xi’an or whichever province Haidian is in? If so, how do I sign up?

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