Having fun choreographing for the Maserati show

Cheeky Monkey has been contracted to direct and choreograph the Beijing unveiling of Maserati’s sexy new convertible the GranCabio. There’s a particular joy and pain with corporate events, the joy being that you don’t have any of the stress of marketing a theatrical production, the pain being that you have to worry about the client’s approval of your “art”

However, its ultimately just been a lot of fun thus far. Choreographing dance themes around the Maserati brand and image has of course been spectacularly easy, as the car is so deliciously gorgeous. Its just begging for dance numbers to be created for it, haha.

So… I’ve picked out three different dance themes for the show, Latin, Tango/Flamenco and Swing. The Tango/Flamenco workshop with Qiao Qiao and Xiao Huar went swimmingly (but of course!) and it was followed up today with a swing rehearsal.

My good friend Adam Lee (swing dancer extraordinaire!) worked on some fun jumps with me and Eddie Xu (another dancer for the show). It is sooo much fun being airborne. Ha.

And scary.

But anyhoo… my legs are sore now, and I have an airplane to catch. (Heading down to Nanjing for a wedding). Toodles!

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