“There was a star danced, and under that was I born.”

(thats Shakespeare’s quote, by the way, I won’t try to take credit, but I simply thought it was too perfect for the happy-dance vibes I’m feeling right now)

Despite the multitude of stresses in my life right now (and the nasty cold I’m suffering through) I’m having a pretty good time. You’d think that spending my Friday night sniffling away in a freezing studio working with dancers in a foreign language would be a bit of a bummer. But you’re wrong. Its awesome.

We have the wackiest collection of talents and dance styles pulling together for the Maserati GranCabrio event next week. The Chinese God of Swing Dance, Adam Lee is doing some great swing moves (the main direction he’s been given by me: throw the girls in the air, but please don’t break them) and we’ve got some cheerleader-dancers from Soojin Dance flipping around to boot.

And then of course I can’t forget to mention the lovely Qiaoqiao, pulling off a fantastic tango-swing set, using her killer eyes to seduce the audience into joining in the dance with her. We also have a lovely young woman from Cuba, Cecelia who will be dancing salsa to (yes, you guessed it) a Celia Cruz song ;)

Oh, and just for amusement’s sake, we’ve also got some peking opera based moves. You know, the cool kung fu ones with flips and kicks. Yes, peking opera is cool like that.

And, for the finale, we have a chorus line. Yes. (See image above — I’m the green blur with blonde hair, go figure!). While most Chinese dancers haven’t had much exposure to *most* of these dance styles – thus adding to my work load – they are learning quickly, and it looks like it is going to be an amazing one of a kind show that manages to be fun and classy, and (the most important part!) a joy to be a part of.

Ok, I’m going to stop burbling now, I have a Chinese class (working on diction – I really should speak more clearly, as I’m a nationally syndicated Mandarin radio host!) to get to. And just think, no coffee yet this morning!

~ Elyse

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