a random bit of funny: Disney’s moral lessons

What Disney Princesses Teach Girls – Boing Boing

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  1. Chinaman says:

    Agreed. Disney is a terrible babysitter. Teaching girls to kiss frogs, that is bad influence. No wonder our country men are downloading the films for free. – You are NOT getting paid for terrible babysitting.

    When I was a child, I only saw Mickey Mouse and Donald duck. None of these monarchs in puberty nonsense. — I didn’t know you could kiss a girl in a coma until much later — just to see whether she would wake up of course. As for the influence for girls, although I have yet to see a girl kiss a real frog, modern day women are often labeling their ex-boyfriends as frogs. That seems like a childhood trauma caused by Disney rather than the ex-boyfriends. I am surprised Disney is not getting sued for that.

  2. Elyse柳素英 says:

    Actually, I kissed frogs all the time as a little girl. Not to see if they’d turn into princes, that’d be gross. Nah, I just really liked frogs and wanted to thank them for existing and being so awesome. Did this till I realized it probably freaked them the crap out. Then I stopped. The end.

    If Disney could be sued for every misplaced fantasy well…

    Ooh, that reminds me, awesome cabaret show called Disenchanted. Google it. T’is wonderful. :)

  3. 你好啊 says:


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