Article: Her green eyes on Beijing

Beijing Today
(08/11/28 23:59)
By Zhao Hongyi

  “Beijing is like your boyfriend. Though he may have some bad habits like smoking, you cannot give him up,” Elyse Ribbons, a US citizen, said of her love for the city before lasteek’s staging of her Green Eyes on Chinese. The performance, which Ribbons developed and directed, tells of the joys and miseries in learning the Chinese language and culture. “Because my eyes are light green, I gave the performance this name, which is based on my own experiences,” she said. She weaved together music, modern dance, comedy and multimedia displays, providing audiences an hour of lighthearted entertainment. Ribbons directed her first play as a high school student in North Carolina. She started studying the Chinese language at the University of North Carolina, then made her first visit to Beijing in 2001. She decided to live in the capital in 2003, first working for the US Embassy, then moving on to produce theatrical performances.

  Ribbons created Cheeky Monkey Theater in 2007, which has since presented I Heart Beijing and Lethal English. “In the Chiese zodiac, I’m a monkey, that’s why I gave our group such a name,” she said. In I Heart Beijing, she relates the real-life experiences of foreigners in the city through a woman from the US who shares a small apartment with a Chinese woman. In Lethal English, she puts together a detective story that includes business espionage, murder and police work.

  Besides theatrical performances, Ribbons’ team is promoting two other projects – “Shifen (Ten Minute) Festival” and “Arts Walk.” At the “Shifen Festival,” to be held in January, small theater groups in Beijing are scheduled to hold “short and light” performThrough “Arts Walk,” Ribbons hopes to get more locals interested in the contemporary arts. So far, she has persuaded some galleries in the 798 Art District to open their doors to the public for free.

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