on why praying manti are cool. (Elyse is getting her geek on)

I’ve been in a not so pleasant mood of late, feeling a lot of aggression towards production crews that change schedules last-minute and nasty Beijing traffic… so I decided the other night to change the background for my iPad from a pleasantly peaceful Buddha photo I took in Hohhot last Spring. Now, it is a beautifully violent praying mantis enjoying dinner. Helps to take me back to a happy place. Or something. Either way, I was reminded of all the cool/wacky animal articles I’ve been procrastinating over the last coupla days and thought I’d share the geek with you all here, enjoy :)

Huffington Post photo spread I seriously love this costume.

Also, you should check out this amazing slide show of wacky sea creatures: 20,000 Species Under the Sea from Scientific American

Every time I go diving or get my geek on by perusing photos of marine life, I feel transported to another universe. A reminder that sci fi fantasies (and horrors!) are all too possibly a reality.

I was really close at one point to becoming a Marine Biologist… and in fact, thats still secretly a plan B (well, not secret so much as something on the backburner).

Anyhoo, I have to run off to a costuming session… I am starting to dread getting my hair done by Chinese hairdressers, they always demand to curl my hair, which both takes forever and then also straightens out after an hour or so. Here’s hopin I can convince them to just put my hair up (sigh). Oh science, you’re so much easier on my tresses…

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