ChiFan for Charity Press Event 慈善晚宴的新文发布会

Managed to swing by the ChiFan for Charity press event at the Chaoyang Westin tonight after an long, cold day of filming for a Business Chinese language video series. (At least today was warmer than yesterday – we were filming in the courtyard of a hutong, so I discovered yet again the ironic pains of a sunburn in freezing weather).

Anyhoo, crappy traffic aside, I arrived in time to hear the brief speeches from the charities involved (pictured here is the representative from the Dandelion School). Its great to see how much positive work is being done by folks here (and even better to see that more and more of the charities I’ve come across are locally organized).

I’m really excited about the event, which is the brainchild of a long time friend (and fellow ex-Embassy colleague) Michael Crain (pictured on the left here). Most of the tables are already sold out, which is a really good sign :)

Make sure to check out the website to get one of the few seats remaining!

(all photos were taken by Diego Ferrini)

慈善晚宴 ChiFan for Charity 活动今晚在朝阳的威斯汀酒店举行,正好当天我也在拍摄商务汉语。(拍摄现场在一个胡同四合院,还好今天比昨天暖和一点,可是我也体会了被寒冷冬天太阳晒伤的痛苦)。


能参加这次活动我很激动,这是我好朋友(以前大使馆的同事) Michael Crain策划举办的。活动的大部分物件都以卖完,这是一个非常好的现象。 请大家一定要参与关注这次活动剩下的物品 :)

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