ChocoJing Does Dinner at Flamme 巧克京吃巧克力的晚餐

ChocoJing woke up from a looooong nap and we’ve finally organized another event (thanks to the ever wonderful Badr!), a chocolate-inspired dinner at Flamme in the Sanlitun Village complex. The usual suspects showed up (as seen in the photos above) as well as a couple new folks, and we all had a fantastic time dining on the exclusive cocoa-based menu created especially for ChocoJingers :)

The appetizer was an oaxacan vegetable salad with a cocoa vinaigrette, followed by some fantastic in-house made molé sauce and rotisserie chicken and southwest cole slaw, and of course the wonderful chocolate cinnamon lava cake to finish off. Yum. An exquisitely delicious evening, made even better by the fabulously bartended chocolatey drinks (old-fashioned with chocolate, chocolate martini and savoy hotel cocktail pictured below). And while I was sated for the evening, I’m already looking forward to our next event in December ;)

巧克京在经过很长时间终于开始新的活动(感谢热心美好的巴德尔!),在三里屯Flamme的巧克力晚餐。 一些老会员都参加了(如上面的照片看到的),以及新会员们的一对夫妇,我们都对独家特别菜单时间可可为基础创造了一个梦幻般”巧克京人” :)

开胃菜是一个具有可可辣酱蔬菜沙拉,其次是一些精彩的内部作出摩尔酱,烤鸡和西南油菜,当然还有精彩的巧克力熔岩 蛋糕肉桂。一个完美的晚上,甚至还有意想不到巧克力饮料(古老的巧克力,巧克力马提尼鸡尾酒和萨沃伊酒店老式如下图所示)更好。虽然在晚上我还是吃了很多,现在我已经期待在十二月的下次活动 ;)

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