Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-02-05

  • picture from the incredibly awesome Train + INXS concert on the green in Perth the other day :) #
  • at the Qantas lounge at the Perth International Airport… sad to be saying goodbye to Australia and all of the wonderful people here… :) #
  • Happy Year of the Bunny! :) 中国的冬天非常寒冷,但中国的朋友非常温暖,希望兔年又更多的机会享受朋友的快乐!~ Elyse 柳素英 #
  • @leonacraig do people actually do that? (steal the money from the hongbao on cny orange trees)?! in reply to leonacraig #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — ShiFen Theater Festival 2008 十分戏剧节2008 #
  • @taniabranigan but what I love about it is that nobody in the studios in China sees why using fake footage is bad, it looks better. in reply to taniabranigan #
  • "Chua has captured in perfect synthesis the two things … Americans now fear most: China, and their own children" #
  • @austinramzy I've seen more than a couple young xiaomi stall out glaring pink european sports cars (a crime against humanity, alas) in reply to austinramzy #
  • @pufei 兔年吉祥,哈哈 in reply to pufei #
  • @hanson2010 哇。。。 你十点多才下班呢? in reply to hanson2010 #
  • G'day Mates (from not so sunny Australia!) :) (btw, was covered on CCTV news yesterday, did anyone catch it?) #
  • finally saw The Tourist, and despite the fact that they misspell the name, it was quite pleasant to hear Johnny Depp shouting my name ;) #
  • drove down to Margaret River from Perth today (the scenic route!) and am incredibly impressed by the beautifully vivid Aussie countryside :) #

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