Kayaking in the Indian Ocean 在澳洲划独木舟

So after a week or so of lazing around and drinking wine, I finally got a chance to burn off all those calories by doing some kayaking on the Indian Ocean :) I’ve been canoeing before (which I really enjoyed) but kayaking was even better! And not just because the word “kayak” is so much fun to say. Its incredibly freeing, to be bobbing on top of the waves, no smell of gas or sounds of engines… and the water was so CLEAR! I could see all the way to the bottom!

The best part, of course, is when you’re coming back in towards the beach… if you can catch a wave and literally surf the kayak back into the beach, well, wow, that was SO much fun! (Admittedly it was kind of like skiing the first time, I was shouting for innocent bystanders to get out of the way, haha)

After slathering up with several layers of sunscreen and donning my bush hat (you know its what all the hippest kids are wearing these days!) we started out on a trip to a nearby bay, where we went rock climbing with a mountain goat, oh, whoops, I mean, Brent our wonderful Kiwi guide.

Despite the third degree burns on my tenderized feet (the sand was hot!) it was an amazing adventure and was a big reminder to me how much I enjoy outdoor sports. A further New Years Resolution: try to go out hiking/kayaking/skiing/something at least twice a month :) (Mind you, I didn’t say try to go out and enjoy nature twice a month… when you live in Beijing and don’t have a car, you’re pretty limited to the amount of nature you’re able to take in, ha)

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享受喝酒、悠闲一周以后,我终于有机会在印度洋上做皮艇运动之前我虽然划过小船(那真的是一种享受),但这些皮艇运动是非常好,甚至更好!而且不只是因为这个词“独木舟”是非常有趣的话。它令人难以置信的释放,是对的浪尖上上下摆动,没有然气味或发动机的声音…,水是如此 清澈!我可以看到底部所有方向恶摆动!

最享受的部分,当然是你想要回到的海滩时刻…如果你正好能赶上波浪顺着把皮艇冲到海滩上,哇,那实在是太好玩了! (无可否认它就像第一次滑雪的时候,我向无辜的旁观者大喊闪开,那种滑稽的表情哈哈)



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