The Perfect Aussie Lunch (biodynamic, healthy, colorful)

First day of wine tasting, we made sure to stop by Cullen Winery, one of the two oldest vineyards in the Margaret River area (the other being Vasse Felix). Not only were the staff incredibly cheery and helpful, but the wine tasted delicious. So, it was decided that we would do lunch there… and I ordered the lunch platter for one. Check out the food in the picture (!!!) :) Sooooo much food… and all of it locally produced and organic. There’s a salad with almonds carrots and tomatoes, with pickled potatoes, swiss cheese, ham, marinated olives, venison chorizo, canteloupe and fresh blackberries, with fresh sourdough bread and a glass of their sauvignon blanc wine. Wow… looking at the picture is making me hungry all over again ;)

品酒开始的第一天,我们一定要参观拜访一下卡伦斯酒厂,玛格丽特河一带最古老的两个葡萄庄园之一(另一个是瓦斯菲利克斯)。不仅可以听到酒厂工作人员热情周到的介绍,还可以品尝酒厂美味独特的酒。所以我们决定在此享受午餐…我订了一份午餐。看看下面照片中的(!!!)食物:)非常非常漂亮美味的食物…所有的食物都是本地生产的绿色食物。 有胡萝卜、西红柿杏仁沙拉、腌制过的土豆、瑞士奶酪、火腿、腌橄、鹿肉和香肠、哈密瓜和新鲜黑莓、新鲜的发酵面包和它们精心酿制的葡萄酒。 哇… 看着这张照片让我再次饥饿 ;)

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