Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-02-19

  • @peijinc for all intents and purposes (ha) no, seriously though, I'm touring with 150 Chinese millionaires around America in reply to peijinc #
  • Elyse and the Happy Buddha, both feeling full and lucky in downtown Las Vegas :) #
  • I have been amused by the reactions of my Chinese millionaires to the Latino/Asian pop in Cali (they ask me where the Americans are, ha) #
  • @caojingfox doubtful… most of my free time is devoted to what I'm about to do: napping. (wandering around Vegas is exhausting!) in reply to caojingfox #
  • @Jezebel @jezebelannan I wouldn't really worry, knife-fighting isn't something you can really learn from a video ;) in reply to Jezebel #
  • Just drove thru Mojave desert from Las Vegas, arrived at the hotel in LA, exhausted beyond words, but enjoyed playing with Reenie in Vegas #
  • @ChinaTribune definitely will do, xiexie! :) in reply to ChinaTribune #
  • Was more impressed by Summers' responses at Q&A, sad I didn't get to ask my ? about how businesses can support education #
  • Listening to Larry Summers telling China's leading businessmen how the Chinese economy works. Desperately trying to not roll my eyes. #
  • @aimeenbarnes you findthis surprising? (or was there a tone of irony in your tweet?) shanghai constantly falls back onto deco-glam past in reply to aimeenbarnes #
  • @jennygao sooooooo true! in reply to jennygao #
  • Tell Congress: Don't pull the plug on NPR and PBS. Defend public media! via @CREDOMobile #p2 #

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